“Zombies in ‘All of Us are Dead’ EXPLAINED – Are They Any Different or Same As All Other Zombie Shows and Movies?

“Zombies in ‘All of Us are Dead’ EXPLAINED – Are They Any Different or Same As All Other Zombie Shows and Movies?

Director Lee Jae-kyoo did not plan to do anything groundbreaking with the zombie genre. In his apocalyptic world set in Hyosan High, the zombies in All of Us Are Dead follow more or less the same rules except that it is primarily focused on high school students and has some amazing choreographed scenes to bring out that bone-crunching flexibility to perfection. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what the zombies are like in Netflix’s number one trending show: All of Us Are Dead. 

Spoilers Ahead!

The All of Us Are Dead zombies are dumb just like other zombies 

The undead creatures in All of Us Are Dead have a heightened sense of smell and hearing but are pretty dumb. These mindless creatures are only hungry for brains, probably because they don’t have one, just like in Train to Busan and Shaun of the Dead

Interestingly, the characters were aware of the zombies in movies. One character even mentioned Train to Busan!  

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Can be killed with a shot to the head 

Just like in Zombieland, nothing can take out a zombie other than a bullet to the head. One of the archers from the archery team killed a zombie with just an arrow to the head when it was about to attack the two students in the girls’ washroom.

All of Us Are Dead zombies have regenerative abilities

None of the zombies in movies like #Alive can regenerate themselves. While Nam-Ra was sporting a sunken eye throughout the series, her eyes looked pretty normal after the time jump. So, maybe the zombies in the Netflix series can regenerate themselves.

Sunlight does not scare All of Us Are Dead zombies 

In Kingdom, the first Korean zombie show, Netflix produced, the undead creatures are afraid of the sunlight and the heat. This gives the humans enough time to prepare and execute escape plans, but the young students at Hyosan High are not so lucky. 

Weaker humans make weaker zombies 

Well, being a healthy human means that you will turn out to be a stronger zombie if you are infected. Cheong-san‘s mother was weak from the beginning and hence was not as terrifying once she turned. 

The concept of ‘Hambie’

Hambie is not a new concept, although it might be new to those who haven’t watched In The Flesh. Hambie refers to a half-zombie, who has all the characteristics of a zombie but is not mindless. A Hambie loves brains but is more rational than a zombie. An example is Nam-Ra, who saved her friends. 

Sharing a kiss with a hambie is safe 

If you fancy a zombie, the creators are telling you to go ahead and share a kiss with them. You won’t be infected, since Su-Hyeok remained a human despite kissing Nam-Ra.

But using a rag with zombie blood will make you one of the rabid infected! 

Have you streamed All of Us Are Dead on Netflix yet? What are your thoughts on the show?

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