4 Best Thriller Korean Shows and Movies Like All of Us Are Dead

4 Best Thriller Korean Shows and Movies Like All of Us Are Dead

It seems like the Koreans have mastered the genre of horror. After Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead is the next Korean title that has topped the charts worldwide. Set in a high school in Korea, the show revolves around students who are left to fend for themselves after a virus outbreak turns their entire school into a battleground. The Korean zombie series occupied the No.1 position on Netflix for two days straight and achieved a 100% perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.

With just 12 episodes, it is easy to binge-watch and finish the show in a day or two. Once you reach the end, the urge to watch another horror show will be strong, which is why we bring you some of the best Korean horrors on Netflix. You will find these shows are quite similar to All of Us Are Dead


Kingdom is for those who enjoy political intrigue along with some zombies. This is a historical horror drama starring the heavyweights of the Korean acting industry from Joo Ji Hoon to Bae Doo Na. 

This is not just your run-of-the-mill zombie and survival story. The political backdrop with the crown prince, the mystery surrounding the king, and the scheming clans make the show even more interesting. Creators have not confirmed the third season yet, but that should not stop you from binging the first two seasons on Netflix!

The zombie detective

A lighthearted zombie comedy is exactly what you need to stream after all that gorefest on All of Us Are Dead

A zombie comes back to life and uses his strong sense of smell to work as a private investigator in missing persons cases. He is joined by a feisty TV writer who is passionate about delivering justice. It is a lot less thrilling than the other shows mentioned on the list, but it has a lot of comedy elements and the characters are pretty likable.

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Sweet Home

The series follows the resident of an old rundown building when strange things start occurring inside their complex and in Korea. 

Unlike All of Us Are Dead, this series does not have zombies, but it has monsters. All the monsters have different names and are quite cartoonish. Despite that, the show is quite dark as it deals with some serious issues like child abuse and bullying. The characters are often faced with situations where they have to choose between being humane or becoming heartless. 

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Train to Busan

Released in 2016, Train to Busan is still the first movie to be recommended when it comes to zombies. Although not an official prequel to All of Us Are Dead, you can view it as one if you want.

As the passengers trapped inside the KTX train struggle to survive against the hordes of zombies, you will feel for the characters especially the daughter, her father, and the pregnant woman. The mood is dark and you know from the get-go that something is going to go very wrong soon.

Have you watched any of these shows or movies? Let us know which one is your favorite in comments.

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