All of Us Are Dead Achieves a 100% Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

All of Us Are Dead Achieves a 100% Perfect Score on Rotten Tomatoes

When you think of zombie movies and series, one industry has clearly had its impact on the audience on this topic: the Korean film and TV industry. However, the industry’s history of zombie projects is above par. Significantly, movies like Train to Busan and popular Netflix shows like Kingdom appealed to an enormous number of viewers. This month, another powerful arrow has been added to their quiver. The new release, All of Us Are Dead, is highly successful since its premiere on 28th January on Netflix. Furthermore, excellent reviews are pouring down on the new Netflix Korean horror series.

All of Us Are Dead receives a perfect rating

The new South Korean release on Netflix offers us an intriguing premise. Earlier zombie movies and TV shows showcased a wider outspread of zombies. However, a school being the Ground Zero of a zombie apocalypse, a lot of external entertaining factors are mixed into the show. Students of the high school desperately try to survive in this dredging situation. Furthermore, the writer of the show, Chun Sun-il, and director Lee JQ have succeeded in conveying the teenage aspect of the whole scenario. Although the world is upside down and gory, the teens of the show portray feelings, crushes, grudges, and find hope in the darkest of places.

Throughout All of Us Are Dead, we see different groups of high school students fighting for their lives. With the harrowing chase of zombies, the series is certain to keep you hooked. The story also conveys a social message as it deals with the threat of bullies and their harsh impact on the lives of the students.

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The show has also achieved a 100% perfect rating on the review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes. Here are some reviews of the rising show.

Variety stated, “Like Squid Game before it, All of Us Are Dead makes the most out of its nightmarish central location to otherworldly, dizzying effect.”

IGN wrote, “All of Us Are Dead may not offer up anything exactly new in the realm of zombie carnage other than its somewhat cruel and unrelenting nature, but sometimes that’s enough to pull off some damn effective survival horror.”

Worldwide appreciation

After the globally famous Korean drama, Squid Game, the new release, All of Us Are Dead, is in the spotlight worldwide. The thriller series houses an amazing cast starring Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In Soo in lead roles. Significantly, in just a few days from its release, it is now the number one TV show worldwide on Netflix. According to FlixPatrol, the show acquired the first place in the mega streaming platform on January 29th.

Following the immensely successful Squid Game, the zombie horror series becomes the second Korean show to top the charts. Furthermore, after the release of the series trailer on January 13th, the viewers of the trailer amounted to 10 million views a week after its release.

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The gory and frightening series filled with emotions and bits of comedy proves to be a must watch on Netflix. All of Us Are Dead is one of the new gems of the Korean industry now streaming on Netflix. What are your views on the show?

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