Vikings Valhalla Teaser: The Next King of Norway Fights To Instill Peace and Balance

Vikings Valhalla Teaser: The Next King of Norway Fights To Instill Peace and Balance

Powerful battles and wars filled with bloodshed surrounded by a historical story. This is the premise of the popular series, Vikings, which aired for six seasons on the History channel. Fans were left sad after the globally famous series concluded. However, to the viewer’s delight, a new spin-off series of the Vikings is coming to Netflix. The highly anticipated show, Vikings Valhalla, will premiere on 25th February on Netflix. Let’s check out the new teaser dropped by Vikings Valhalla as they introduce us to a new fearsome character.

Vikings Valhalla: A New King arises

The news of the release of a new spin-off series of the Vikings has brought joy to the viewers. The show navigates through the valiant tales of some of the most famous Vikings and the quests to reach their goal. A new teaser dropped today, introducing us to the next king of Norway, Harald Sigurdsson.

The teaser is sure to give you goosebumps. The allure of Harald’s presence and the powerful command to his armies, “This blood is not my blood, it is our blood, it is Viking blood!!!!” tells you about the powerful impact of this character. Harald Sigurdsson, portrayed by Leo Suter, assures to leave a mark on the audience once the series streams on Netflix. Furthermore, the teaser shared his motive, “As King, I can stop the hatred where all faiths can be worshipped without fear.

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Fans are also inquisitive about whether the new series’ connection with the previous one. However, Michael Hirst stated that the new series is a separate entity.

When asked about the similarity between the two series, Hursts shared some of his thoughts. “It couldn’t be on a greater scale than the final episodes of my Vikings. Because of the armies and the big battles we had. You really can’t get much bigger than that, actually. But what can I say? It is being made in the same places, a lot of it. We go back to Kattegat. That, of course, is the spiritual home of the Vikings. But it’s a changed Kattegat. It’s an established… It’s one of the biggest ports really, trading ports in Europe. It’s grown in size and significance,” he said.

Fan’s reactions to the teaser

Fans were awestruck by the new Vikings Valhalla teaser. Significantly, as they gazed upon the new character, the battles and surrounding it, the fans are looking forward to the show’s release.

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Fearsome battles and a rollercoaster of emotions. Vikings Valhalla is going to conquer the hearts of its fans. What are your thoughts on the teaser?

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