“It sucks for Sadie”: Gaten Matarazzo Reveals the Only Downside for Having ‘Running Up That Hill’ on ‘Stranger Things’

“It sucks for Sadie”: Gaten Matarazzo Reveals the Only Downside for Having ‘Running Up That Hill’ on ‘Stranger Things’

There are literally a hundred different reasons to be a fan of Netflix’s drama series Stranger Things. However, the soundtrack of the show gives you a sure-shot opportunity to not only enjoy the series but also delve into the amazing music of the 1980s. And what adds more thrill to it is that almost the entire cast of the show sings beautifully. However, Gaten Matarazzo had a rather tough time after singing the famous ‘NeverEnding Story’, with his Suzie-poo of course.

Well, it almost seemed as if that would be THE moment, as we honestly never saw any other song make a bigger impact for a character on the series. Alas, we were all proved wrong when Stranger Things came up with ‘Running Up That Hill’ in season 4. And thus, Gaten reveals that things are going to get tough for the All Too Well actress.

Gaten Matarazzo is pleased to have the Kate Bush song in the show, but Sadie Sink, not so much

Gaten Matarazzo recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The young actor talked about his Broadway Show as well as about the presence of great singers in the star cast of the Netflix Original. And of course, when one is talking about music from Stranger Things, there are two songs that will always be mentioned, NeverEnding Story and Running Up That Hill.

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It is no overstatement to say that Kate Bush’s song got a re-birth with the new season of Stranger Things. Topping charts and even becoming one of the most trending songs of the past weeks. However, Gaten revealed a whole new reason why he loved that it was included in the show. “It’s great for me,” Gaten says, “because it’s replaced, NeverEnding Story“.

It is mainly because of all the pressure that Gaten had to face because of the song. All of it is now turned onto Sadie Sink. “It sucks for Sadie,” he said jokingly. He announced that he is in the clear, at least for a bit. But he does reveal that he loves doing the song on the show. We hope to hear at least one more song from Gaten’s Dustin in the final two episodes of Stranger Things releasing tomorrow on Netflix.

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