Watch Stranger Things Cast Flexing Their Vocal Muscles While Noah Schnapp Beguiles

Watch Stranger Things Cast Flexing Their Vocal Muscles While Noah Schnapp Beguiles

We all have been finding out many things about our favorite show, Stranger Things stars. We saw many new sides of the celebrities and some of them were really surprising as well. Yet another side of these Strange kids is on the display here. The kids have shown their vocal skills, especially Noah Schnapp. Let us find out more about them.

Stranger Things kids showcasing their skills

We came across a short video where the Stranger Things cast is singing various songs. Finn Wolfhard singing Wrestle with Jimmy by Deathcrash while playing guitar. Sadie Sink sings in the background while Millie Bobby Brown is enjoying Alicia Keys‘ song, New York.

Surprisingly, Millie Bobby Brown also sings Jealous by Josh Daniel. While Caleb McLaughlin, with his I want You Back performance, wins the hearts of his fans. Well, we all know that Gaten Matarazzo already has a band named Work in Progress. It seems his vocal skills are not actually in the process while he sings Michael in the Bathroom song by George Salazar.

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The music has been a huge part of the show from the beginning. The background music heightens the dark and mysterious effects. Also, Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush has gotten wide attention as the song saved Max’s life from Vecna. Kate Bush even celebrates the huge success of the song as well. Fans also made theories about saving Will with the wrong song. So, ultimately, music has played a major role in the show.

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However, there is one more star who is yet to show his skills. Noah Schnapp also contributes to this series of singing their favorite songs and charms the fans. Noah sings Umbrella by Ember Island and it is hilarious. The fans commented and adored all these kids singing all these songs.

Though, fans have also talked about the possibility of the cast members being in a band. Well, band or no band, these strange kids will always be our favorite because they always make us laugh and entertain us with these funny little things.

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