Did the Post-credits in ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Indicate the Possible Spin-off for Henry Cavill?

Did the Post-credits in ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Indicate the Possible Spin-off for Henry Cavill?

Some classical books have given us some extremely extraordinary characters. One such character is Sherlock Holmes. We have seen many adaptations of the character. Recently, we saw Sherlock in a different light alongside his sister, Enola Holmes. Henry Cavill portrayed Sherlock while Millie Bobby Brown was the lead as Enola herself in the film. While the film was all about Enola trying to make her mark on the history pages, can we expect a separate and this new version of Sherlock Holmes in a spin-off?

We are saying this is because the film might have shown a possibility of a spin-off for The Witcher star. We are going to expose the perfect time when we saw the possibility of this, but before that, let us warn you of the spoilers ahead. Well, Henry Cavill appeared in the supporting role in Enola Holmes with a little modified version of a classic character. And Millie Bobby Brown appeared as a powerful woman in the film. Does this mean we might get a separate film or show for the actor?

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Can Henry Cavill get his own Sherlock Holmes?

This is the beauty and art of any writer! The Netflix Original movie is based on a book series focusing on the lady herself. However, there are some clues that you might have missed in the post-credit scenes. Do you remember when in the film, Sherlock offers his sister to stay with him as his flatmate? That’s when the twist comes and the indicator as well about the possible spin-off for Superman fame. Here’s the proof in this video below.

As you could see, when Sherlock offered Enola and was waiting for their Thursday appointment, we see John Watson at the door. “No one should be alone all the time. A friend would do you well,” says Enola. Throughout the film, we saw Sherlock becoming a little sympathetic toward his sister while the original character was against having feelings at all.

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However, the post-credit scenes of the meeting between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes might suggest there is plenty of room for the characters to grow individually. Well, we might even get Enola Holmes 3 as well. But there are no official announcements for any of them.

While we are waiting for further updates, tell us if you’ve noticed anything interesting in the film while streaming it here. Let us give you a little clue here: There are still many things the viewers might have missed while watching the film. Let’s see if you could find them and tell us here in the comment box below.

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