“I’m getting busier” – Henry Cavill Answers If a Sherlock Holmes Spinoff From ‘Enola Holmes’ Is on the Plate

“I’m getting busier” – Henry Cavill Answers If a Sherlock Holmes Spinoff From ‘Enola Holmes’ Is on the Plate

It is no wonder that Enola Holmes 2 had kept everyone on the edge of their seats with much anticipation and excitement. However, apart from us fans, even the stars of the movie were on their toes all the while up to its release. This was brought to our notice through a recent interview by Henry Cavill where he talked about his already jam-packed schedule.

In the course of a press tour for Netflix’s just-released Enola Holmes 2, Collider got a chance to exchange conversations with Henry Cavill. Unlike the first installment, this movie gave us a greater arc of the actor’s legendary character, Sherlock Holmes. Hence, evidently, he has had to put more time and effort into this movie than he did back in 2020. So does all this effort mean we will have another Sherlock movie in our hands starring Cavill?

Will we see a Sherlock spinoff starring Henry Cavill?

After bringing back all his legitimate characters, like DC’s iconic Superman and Mission Impossible’s August Walker, Cavill opened up about how he likes to perform a myriad of characters. He always has a knack for perfectionism in each one, including Sherlock Holmes. Reflecting on the same, Cavill talked about an anticipated spin-off for Sherlock. “I’m getting busier, and my plate is becoming slightly more full,” said the star in response to Collider’s questions. 

In fact, time and again, he has also agreed upon joining the cast once again for Enola Holmes 3. This is because he finds the cast and crew, especially his co-actor Millie Bobby Brown, comfortable enough to work with. All of it undoubtedly has led to a tight schedule that he must follow. 

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Every movie that Cavill has been in has always glorified him as the greater guy. However, in this movie series, his younger-sister Enola by Brown is the actual scene stealer. There have also been some recent developments about his other roles. One-half of the internet is rejoicing in his return to the DCEU, whereas the other half is left heartbroken upon his exit from the historical fantasy, The Witcher. 

Amidst such developments, a Sherlock Holmes spinoff may not be on the cards anytime soon. However, time will truly answer this question.

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