Although Similar, Eleven And Vecna Have One Striking Difference In Their Powers In ‘Stranger Things;

Although Similar, Eleven And Vecna Have One Striking Difference In Their Powers In ‘Stranger Things;

The two main characters with psychokinetic powers shook the ground in Stranger Things season 4. Eleven and her friends have been dueling with supernatural threats in Hawkins from the beginning. However, they were unaware someone was pulling the strings from a resembling dimension below their land. Finally, Season 4 brought the treacherous intentions of Vecna to the surface that he always envisioned invading the human world.

In the fragments of Eleven’s memories, viewers get to know that they share similar powers. Although Eleven was never a monster like Henry Creel, something else made them entirely different from each other. Let’s dig deeper to know how both the experimental subjects of Brenner’s lab stood on different grounds.

The psychic powers of Eleven were not a source of darkness in Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things began exploring the connection of Eleven to Upside Down. When Vecna entered the frame, making people victims of his psychological terror and mutilating their bodies, we saw that he used his dark emotions to gain more powers and relished killing mentally traumatized people.

For instance, season 4 dwelled on his past life in Creel’s house, where he began his wicked journey by grappling his family to death. Whereas Eleven was pure at heart, and her innocence made her a better human than the vengeful Vecna. Vecna wanted to destroy the human world and create a new species of all the dark beasts like Demogorgon and Mind Flayer.

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On the other hand, El tried to protect her friends and everyone she loved. She was a creature of love and compassion, and that positivity helped her conquer this tremendously powerful evil. Therefore, the source of their powers became the striking distinction between this supernatural pair; Eleven believed in affection, and rage was the key to Vecna’s powers.

Friendship and love have made Eleven the best hero in series

Right from the start, Eleven connected with the Hawkins kids, especially Mike, who gave her shatter in season 1. This friendship grew into a beautiful bond of love, and they have always defended each other. In season 4, many moments stated that she deeply cared for everyone and is ready to fight on behalf of her friends.

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For instance, Mike’s speech comes as an assurance to El that she can fight back and makes her realize her true potential. Also, she brings Max back to life by remembering all the good memories they shared. Eleven’s powers tapped into the feelings of love, unlike Henry, who was always driven by hatred. It is evident that she is stronger when her friends and family stand beside her.

Will Eleven defeat Vecna in season 5? Or, as he said, Hawkins will fall? Let us know what you guys think will happen in the final season of Stranger Things in the comments.

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