‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Has The Most Powerful Meet-Cute When Eleven Confronts Vecna In The Upside Down

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Has The Most Powerful Meet-Cute When Eleven Confronts Vecna In The Upside Down

Stranger Things brought one of the most handsome yet deceiving monsters. Captured in a mirrored world of Hawkins with the powers to invade people’s minds by just sitting there. Season 4 destroyed the lives of the characters as they didn’t have each other scattered to different places. But as we famously know Hawkins gang finds new ways to get together and fight supernatural evil every new season.

This season had a lot bigger problems when Vecna could slip into your mind and leave you stranded from everything lovable you have. As we saw, Max’s memory of the Snowball dance starts to fall when Vecna finds her hiding in her best memory. This was one of the biggest moments of season 4 that blew viewers’ minds. When Eleven stood strong for a rematch with her old buddy which has been held for ages. 

Young Eleven of Stranger Things showed how enormous power a ‘HELLO’ can hold 

The official page of Netflix posted a clip from the final episode of season 4 when Vecna was choking Max to death and Eleven entered the scene. The post read: “the power this hi holds,” as Eleven says ‘Hi’ to 001 which was filled with so much anger and power at the same time. Viewers could see the confidence the young telekinetic girl had in her voice and threw Vecna away instantly. 

However, their confrontation didn’t last much longer because Henry overpowered her and took both of them to his mental realm so he could kill them both. And we get to see Max breaking into pieces while he tells Eleven the backstory of how he discovered this new realm full of potential.

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He revealed all his demonic intentions to take over the world and destroy it to start a completely new life with new species. Therefore, he was the face behind all those supernatural things happening in Hawkins. Whether it’s Demogorgans in season 1 or The Mind Flayers in season 3. 

Moving forward to the artists behind these characters Millie Bobby Brown has been exceptional this season. As she faced many challenges to portray the messed-up past of Eleven. And adding Jamie Campbell Bower to the cast was one of the greatest decisions Duffer Brothers had taken.

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Because we couldn’t imagine such an evil person with an adorable outlook if he wasn’t playing Vecna. Are you excited about what season 5 would bring? If yes, stick with us for more interesting details about Netflix’s Stranger Things. 

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