Were ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Scripts Leaked to the Public? Official Twitter Handle Clarifies

Were ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Scripts Leaked to the Public? Official Twitter Handle Clarifies

Stranger Things is arguably the biggest Netflix show. Although it’s been months since the season dropped, fans are still hungry for more Hawkins content. So when a new rumor started about the leaked Stranger Things script started to make rounds, the fandom was all set to get their hands on it until the writers intervened.

The season 4 premiere was a mega event that arrived in two Volumes. The new season opened with the gang spread across the continent. Eleven was dealing with bullies in California, Hopper was imprisoned in a Russian cell, and Will was grappling with his sexuality. Meanwhile, the big bad was threatening to wreak havoc in Hawkins.  

Writers confirm Stranger Things leaked script is fake 

A new scam targeting fans of the show promising leaked Stranger Things script to them at a price of $25 was causing a stir in the fandom recently. It was supposedly the Byler Script. It contained the now famous van scene where Will and Mike had a conversation.  And Will almost came out to his brother Jonathan. But the writers of the show took to their official social media accounts to debunk the rumors and call it an elaborate scam. 


Right after the first post, they announced that they would post excerpts of the script for free.

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Will actor Noah Schnapp addressed Will’s sexuality 

After years of speculation Will’s sexuality was finally hinted at in the fourth installment. Although nothing was said explicitly, fans speculated that Will loved Mike. He had a breakdown in the van following the chat with him. Jonathan catches him crying through the mirror and later comforts him at the pizza shop. Many interpreted the scene as Will coming out to his brother.

The actor himself confirmed Will’s feelings towards his best friend Mike. He had further mentioned that this was hinted at from the very first season, and the Duffers were only growing out his arc little by little over the years. 

Are you excited to read some scenes from the script? 

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