When Winona Ryder Had to Parent Duffer Brothers for Making “Historical Mistakes” in the 80s era ‘Stranger Things’

When Winona Ryder Had to Parent Duffer Brothers for Making “Historical Mistakes” in the 80s era ‘Stranger Things’

There is a weird satisfaction in watching shows and movies that are set in a different era than ours, isn’t it? We all love the stories that help us connect with the years of the 1900s. And that is one of the primary reasons why Netflix’s Stranger Things has such a huge fandom for itself. However, it is not that easy of a task to create a show set in the past. And esteemed actress Winona Ryder just proved that for the Stranger Things creators, every now and then.

If you are still wondering what we are talking about, then let us unveil the facts. Recently it was reported that Ryder helped Matt and Ross Duffer to rectify the historical mistakes that they made while creating the Netflix drama series. But how did she do that? Here’s everything that we know about this whole tuition Ryder gave the creators of the show.

Winona Ryder forced changes in the script of Stranger Things

Winona Ryder’s co-star David Harbour recently revealed during a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar that Winona Ryder rectified Duffer Bros’ “minor historical mistakes“. Now, what can these mistakes be? Harbour opens up on how she would call them out for using a song in the ’83 when it actually didn’t come out till ’85. Having someone who knows all these minute details sure helped the creators make much-needed changes to the scripts. And the result is right in front of us, one of the greatest Netflix Original ever created.

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The brothers themselves have been vocal about the help they receive from Winona. Her knowledge of the 80s’ culture sure helps the Stranger Things, but it also helped create a much more interesting character out of Joyce Byers. “We originally just thought of Joyce as this strong, devoted, worried mother. But then suddenly Winona brings an entirely new flavor to it,” Duffers reveal.

And everyone will be pleased to know that Ryder was pushing the Kate Bush agenda way before Running Up That Hill became the flagship song for the franchise in season 4. There is no surprise in the fact that Winona is a Kate Bush fan. As everyone from the time is probably one. While talking about her approach to getting a Kate Bush track on the show, Ryder said, “I’ve also for the last seven years been dropping hints on set wearing my Kate Bush T-shirts“. We are really glad that her silent movement worked out, and we got to hear the beauty that Bush is.

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