Throwback to Ryan Gosling Revealing How People in Italy Did Not Recognize Him

Throwback to Ryan Gosling Revealing How People in Italy Did Not Recognize Him

Rowan Atkinson once shared an incident on The Graham Norton Show when a man couldn’t recognize him. The man came up to him and said, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re an absolute spitting image of that Mr. Bean?” Well, this didn’t only happen with Atkinson, but with Ryan Gosling as well. This man could half recognize Mr. Bean, but where Gosling was, people couldn’t recognize him at all.

As funny as it sounds, it is true that people in Italy couldn’t recognize this The Gray Man actor. Ryan Gosling, as you know, is a Canadian actor who gained recognition for various hit films and has achieved more throughout his career. He is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, yet people abroad failed to recognize him. How did it happen?

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Ryan Gosling shared the funniest story ever

The La La Land actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was promoting his then-new film, First Man. The very movie which gave him the ‘drain bamage’ while shooting for it. But this wasn’t the funny story that we’re talking about. Well, Ryan went to Italy to attend his mother’s wedding. There, people came to him with weird gossip about food and one lady said the weirdest thing to his face.

Jimmy asked Gosling if people knew him in Italy or asked for photographs. Interestingly, no one recognized him as an actor. However, one lady interacted with him about seeing him in a movie and said the funniest thing ever. She said, “Why you say no nothing?” Ryan mimicked the question in a typical Italian accent, which made it even funnier.

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Italy is famous for its food and beautiful, classic architecture. But now, Ryan’s fans will remember Italy as the country that didn’t recognize the well-known actor.

Well, what would you do if someone would come to you and didn’t recognize you for who you are? What would you say to them? Tell us the weirdest answers that you’d tell them. Also, if you haven’t watched Gosling in First Man, stream it right here and tell us about it as well.

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