THIS Millie Bobby Brown Scene from ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Will Leave You Flabbergasted

THIS Millie Bobby Brown Scene from ‘Stranger Things’ 4 Will Leave You Flabbergasted

The gore and gritty series, Stranger Things has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. Over the course of 7 years and four seasons, we have laughed and cried with the nerds of Hawkins High. A sheer depiction of the importance of friendship and belongingness, the series is more about the love these kids share than anything else. Were it not for such a stellar cast, it would have been difficult for Duffer Brothers to portray the plot in such an appealing manner. For instance, we couldn’t think of anyone other than Millie Bobby Brown to play the role of Eleven. Hands Down, she owns the glamour of the show! And her entire co-stars? They are just so amazing.

Talking about Brown, there’s no denying that she has done a fantastic job playing Eleven. Her stare, and the way she walks, talks and presents herself when in character are just mind-blowing. Well, no one scores 2 Emmy nominations back to back out of nowhere. And although she didn’t get one for her acting in the fourth outing, which obviously left fans angry, she freaking did a wonderful job as Eleven. And now, as we look down upon a few shots, we can’t help but have goosebumps watching her play El as naturally as she would play herself.

This Stranger Things 4 scene sums up Millie Bobby Brown’s talent within a minute

Recently, Stranger Things took to Twitter to share a scene from its penultimate episode, “Papa.” In the episode, Brown, as Eleven, questions Dr. Brenner’s choices. And during that minute’s conversation, we get to recap everything Eleven has gone through right from season 1. The rage MBB portrays like any teenage daughter would, the anger towards Papa who overprotected her, that feeling of vengeance in her eyes. All this will raise goosebumps on your arms. Millie Bobby Brown’s talent is dripping through every word she lets out of her mouth in this scene.

We do know that Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner’s intentions in whatever he did were just to protect his children from their own supernatural powers. Towards the end of the series, he sacrifices himself to save his only family despite all the allegations she made of rage. But maybe, the way he handled things was wrong.

Maybe that’s why 001 wreaked havoc in the township of Hawkins and the Russians just added to his little sinister drama. Whatever the case may be, we are sure about one thing. Brown as Eleven has done a stupendous job. Did you know she even improvised a few scenes in the series? Well, not everything she has ever done was there in the script.

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And maybe not this year, but fans look forward to seeing Millie Bobby Brown get nominated for the outstanding performance she gave. Do you love Brown’s acting in Stranger ThingsComment down below.

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