Matthew Modine Uses A Strong Word To Describe The Disturbing Behavior Of Dr. Brenner Towards Children

Matthew Modine Uses A Strong Word To Describe The Disturbing Behavior Of Dr. Brenner Towards Children

The Hollywood Veteran Matthew Modine made his comeback through the sci-fic drama Stranger Things. Playing the character of a senior research scientist, Dr. Martin Brenner has always been steeped in controversies as viewers considered him a white-haired wicked scientist who exploited the life of several supernatural kids. His mysterious personality never lets people see the moderate man living inside him.

Although Papa had a very short screen time, his impact on the story was larger than life. And it didn’t matter whether spectators hated his character; what’s important is why he did that. Or why a seemingly normal man would treat these extraordinary kids rigidly. Read on to know what the actor himself has to say about Brenner’s action in Stranger Things.

Matthew Modine enlightened fans with his views on the role of Martin Brenner

In a recent Geeked Week video, Matthew Modine and Millie Bobby Brown sat down to talk about Brenner’s complicated role. The video presented the actors welcoming fans to take a sneak peek at the complex relationship between El and Papa in season 4. The actors also gave a significant perception of Brenner, who has either been misunderstood or hated by the fans of Stranger Things. But like we said earlier, there are always two sides to a story. And Matthew Modine recently gave a clean chit on that in his interview.

The actor used the word “cruel” to describe Papa and shared how he never excepted Brenner to treat children the way he did in season 4. It was equally shocking for him to see the character conducting such actions.

“I don’t wanna say cruelty, but there’s no better word to sort of describe his behavior than cruelty towards the young adults in his laboratory,” says Modine

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Eleven defends Brenner’s actions

Millie, unlike her character, was quick to jump to Brenner’s defese and shared her opinion about the character. “I didn’t see it as cruel, though”. She added that the complexity of handing such powerful children made him do that. Because guiding them to the right path with massive abilities required strict training. She added how Number Two deserved the collar for his actions in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1.

After season 4, it is clear that raising a supernatural kid is far more difficult than normal people. Without proper supervision, they might become another Henry Creel and destroy the world to gain more power. Because 001 was a trickster who never obeyed Papa subsequently was chipped.

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For instance, we saw Brenner’s extensive training helped Eleven to retain her psychokinetic abilities. Deep down, even Eleven knew that only this man could help him. And it was certainly heartbreaking how Brenner died saving his daughter. The final moments were defining for each character, as Eleven displays a Brenner-level coldness by walking away while Brenner displays a level of vulnerability we have never witnessed before.

What do you think about Dr. Brenner? Do you think he is cruel?

All seasons of Stranger Things are streaming on Netflix.

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