“This guy lies right in your face”: Matthew Modine Calls Out the Hypocrisy of THIS Beloved ‘Stranger Things’ Character

“This guy lies right in your face”: Matthew Modine Calls Out the Hypocrisy of THIS Beloved ‘Stranger Things’ Character

Stranger Things is the current Netflix megahit that fans are all crazy about. Just a tinge of comedy and nostalgia is all they need to keep the flames burning until the end. Shoutout to all the brand new faces and awesome plot twists that didn’t let the audience get their eyes off their screen. Apart from uniting as the saviour gang of Hawkins, the Stranger Things team is just as bonded off the set.

All the characters keep bantering amongst themselves and have great quality time as a family is it during interviews or on Twitter. A recent tweet from Matthew Modine aimed at Jamie Campbell that went viral is an example of this constant back and forth. ‘Papa’ does a massive character reveal, and here’s what it was!

Matthew Modine calls Jamie Campbell’s Henry a straight-up liar

In a scene in the eighth episode of the latest season, ‘Papa,Henry AKA Vecna brainwashes El (Millie Bobby Brown) against her father. Using all her childhood torture and trauma, he completely influences her mind until she sees Henry for who he is later. Although that scene, to some extent, tricks us into a make-believe condition against Dr. Brenner, it was actually Vecna who was trying to play the fool with his target and our hero, Eleven.

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Aiming at this video segment, Matthew Modine on Twitter called Jamie out and said, “This guy lies right in your face” Aware of the context, fans haven’t stopped cracking up about the same. Fans even played along and said:

Undeniably, we’ve all become a part of the Stranger Things family

The dynamics of all the characters in Stranger Things are chemistry-loaded. Be it the OG group of Hawkins middle school or our parenting young adults, making them stay put, or the seniors of Hawkins high, all have been delightful in their roles. Later, when the entire cast comes together to fight the greater Evil, they all give him a massive defeat. But undermining Vecna’s power is just nothing but foolishness since they haven’t gotten rid of him completely yet. The next season might have an answer to this.

Till then, fun and frolic have been and continue to be the major constant among the entire cast of the show. While the next and the final season is already around the corner, get ready for this last exhilarating journey with the crew towards the endgame. All season of Stranger Things is currently streaming on Netflix.

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