“What’s simping?”: ‘Oppenheimer’ Star Matthew Modine Left Baffled By The Internet Slang

“What’s simping?”: ‘Oppenheimer’ Star Matthew Modine Left Baffled By The Internet Slang

Matthew Modine has gained enormous attention from fans as they always have epic opinions about his character in Stranger Things. This is just a winsome thought that fans love him despite being portrayed as wicked till the end. And fans still expect his comeback in the finale season because he has beaten death before also. The actor has certainly created an upheaval with his acting and we now are gonna see more of him.

He will be seen in the biographical drama Oppenheimer next year. However, his role is not revealed yet, but we expect something good is cooking up. Moreover, it seems a Twitter fan has puzzled PAPA with his comment recently. Let’s dip deeper to know more about this little chit-chat on social media.

A fan has created a Brenner video for Matthew Modine from Stranger Things

The fever of Dr. Martin Brenner’s character is still up in viewers’ heads though he is finally offboarded the Stranger Things ship. Surprisingly this is a thing to consider that even Vecna couldn’t take his limelight. Surely, because he is also Henry Creel’s Papa and no one could take over his charm. However, the slang used by a fan on Twitter has left him baffled.

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So the fan shared a clip with the caption:

“@MatthewModine I’m always thinking about what could Matthew think when he see my edits. He’s like: Why is this 14 year old girl simping me?!😀🚩#drmartinbrennerishot”

To which the actor retweeted asking the fan meaning of the slang “What’s simping.” And it’s so adorable how he always keeps things light and funny with his fans.

Thus, posts like these show how the actor has captivated viewers with his white-haired classic look. And how he has made Dr. Brenner an unforgettable memory for fans. Because now we can’t imagine the show without him. Or think that anyone could have embodied this role as he did.

From the path of hatred to sympathy to unforgiveness, we got to see many colors of his character. Consequently, his life ended in the emptiness of the Nevada desert when he chose to save Eleven over himself in this year’s Stranger Things.

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Well, the story doesn’t end here as the actor will remain connected to us with his upcoming projects. Are you excited to find out his new role in the 2023 drama Oppenheimer? 

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