From Kissing To Licking, Jamie Campbell Bower And Joseph Quinn Just Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Of Each Other

From Kissing To Licking, Jamie Campbell Bower And Joseph Quinn Just Cannot Keep Their Hands Off Of Each Other

Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell have become close since they are mostly seen together in interviews and Stranger Things parties. Fans have started to adore their joyful friendship as the duo keeps on teasing each other. Social media is fluttering with Jamie and Joseph’s moments attracting viewers’ attention. On a promotional trip, the actors were interviewed together, and fans swooned watching the video.

The video came out yesterday on Netflix Brazil’s social page, where they gave answers to fan theories. People love the best buddy vibes of Joseph and Jamie and their instant connection. As they first met on the set of Stranger Things, and now they are inseparable.

Joseph Quinn and Jamie Campbell can’t get enough of each other


A clip shared by a fan on Twitter left fans awestruck as they were having a frenzied moment. The fan stated: CONTROL YOURSELF JOSEPH💀 when Joseph was licking Jamie’s hand. Although it was a reaction to Campbell’s action because he kissed Quinn’s hand first. And the mischievous look in our Vecna’s eyes was hilarious.

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Because he had invaded people’s minds numerous times in the show, Eddie trying to take over his body might be a new experience for him too. Moreover, it is adorable the way these two have formed a strong bond in the last few months.

And people love the energy they bring on interviews with them poking at each other. They are literally taking over the internet with their cute jokes and mesmerizing laughs, just like our favorite duo, Noah and Millie who has been the focus of Stranger Things from the beginning.

Peter Ballard and Eddie Munson entered the show at the same time 

Stranger Things featured both Jamie and Joseph in the most horrific season. Where Eddie came as solace for fans and Peter, aka Vecna, left viewers terrified with his manipulations entering as a wicked sorcerer. But, both the characters left a deep impression with their exceptional performances.

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Thus, their friendship totally makes sense as they started their journey when the show was at its peak. But they didn’t fail to make a unique place for themselves in fans’ hearts. Like we saw how people defended Vecna and wept over Eddie’s unfortunate death. If you wish to see more of these Jamie-Joseph moments in the future, stay tuned to our notifications. Until then, keep Netflixing, and don’t forget to let us know how you like this crazy duo.

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