“That to me is the quintessential identity crisis”: Julia Garner on How Ruth Langmore Developed as a Character on ‘Ozark’

“That to me is the quintessential identity crisis”: Julia Garner on How Ruth Langmore Developed as a Character on ‘Ozark’

Ozark fans know it would’ve been bland without the youthfulness and freshness Ruth brings. Ruth, played by Julia Garner has had quite a character arc. Seeing her go from an insecure 20-yr-old to a rebel businesswoman, Ruth’s growth brings pride and respect for the character.

Ozark Cast Julia Garner, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney’s interview

In a recent Entertainment Daily interview, Julia Garner(Ruth), Jason Bateman(Marty Byrde), Laura Linney(Wendy Byrde), and Chris Mundy the writer of the show, together appeared on a video call to talk about their characters and the upcoming season 4.

Talking about how Ruth came to be okay with the disrepute her last name, Langmore, brought, Garner says, “She(Ruth) wanted to be someone she wasn’t, in a way, and that to me is the quintessential identity crisis, trying to be someone you’re not.” This was following Chris’s and Laura’s discussion on how they were in-depth looking into their character’s identities.

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When asked about what’s in store for Ozark season 4, Jason says, “You can always count on something going wrong for somebody, every other episode.” Bateman also thanked Netflix for giving them the freedom to make as many episodes as they needed to finish the show because of which, “the ending has a very satisfying resolution, but it doesn’t smack you in the face.” Chris Mundy elaborated on how the show has a weird melancholy about it since it’s the last season.

Julia Garner’s character arc as Ruth

Ruth Langmore‘s absent father, her exposure to crime, and repeated abuse caused her to be independent and rebellious from a very young age. She’s bold, sassy, ahead of the others, yet a rational and generous woman. She finds security in Marty and slowly becomes family to him. Their trust for each other is mutual. She single-handedly runs Marty’s club, Lickety Splitz, and takes it to higher profits. She doesn’t seem to be afraid about the blood money business as she’s prone to crime because of her family history. We see her in love with Ben, who has grave mental illnesses. She tries to help him out of it but couldn’t save him as he succumbs to his illnesses and is killed.

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Julia Garner has garnered a lot of attention as she won two Emmys as a supporting actress for Ozark. Following her success in Ozark, she played the titular role of Anna in Inventing Anna. She was also seen in the Emmy award-winning Amazon prime show Modern Love. Apartment 7A is an upcoming psychological thriller on Netflix where we will see Garner take the lead.

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