Julia Garner Reveals Her “Selfish” Wish About Ozark as the Show Finally Ends With Season 4 Part 2

Julia Garner Reveals Her “Selfish” Wish About Ozark as the Show Finally Ends With Season 4 Part 2

While fans are having a hard time bidding goodbye to Ozark after 4 long seasons. As part two of the last season, the final set of episodes of the series has finally been released, actress Julia Garner talked about how she could shoot it for the rest of her life. Here’s all that she had to say about the series finale and wrapping up the series.

Julia Garner on the ending of Ozark

Ruth has been an essential character right from the beginning of Ozark. While the actress has been appearing on screens since 2011, since the age of 17, her breakout role was that of Ruth in the Netflix Original. Not only did it get Garner massive popularity, but it also helped her gain critical acclaim. The actress has two Emmy awards for her portrayal of this young woman stuck in a world of crime.

Although the shooting of the show concluded four months ago, the release of the final set of episodes is what feels like “goodbye” to the actors. In an interview, Julia Garner mentioned how she wouldn’t mind if Ozark kept going on. Fellow actress Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) talked about how “the experience got better and better”, which is something “that does not happen very often” This is when Garner chimed in, saying “selfishly, I could shoot Ozark for the rest of my life.”

The show, which saw its first release in July 2017, has been in the works since the latter part of 2016. Over the years, the actress naturally bonded as they eased into their jobs and roles. Linney also commented on the same, talking about how the cast “kept growing and kept talking to each other and kept enjoying working together”, adding how she thinks they all “got better at (their) jobs”. To this, Garner said how over the years, the cast of the “special project” does, genuinely, feel like “family” to her.

Fans are currently seeing the finale of Ozark, where the character Julia Garner plays will have a very significant role as the events of the finale roll out. Stream on Netflix now!

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