‘Stranger Things’ Stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Have a Marriage Pact but With One Condition and a Deal-Breaker

‘Stranger Things’ Stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Have a Marriage Pact but With One Condition and a Deal-Breaker

If you’ve watched Friends, you’d remember that characters made a pact that if they wouldn’t be married till they are 40, they would marry each other. Remember, when Chandler proposes this to Monica, Monica freaks out and wonders if she would never find love? Well, it seems that this tradition in friendship is still very popular. Recently, in an interview, Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown talked about this.

Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown on their friendship

Everybody is aware of the bond Noah and Millie share. In one interview, when Millie had to answer, what the best part is on the sets of Stranger Things, she answered “Noah”. When she was asked about the co-star she’s most comfortable with, she said Noah. To every question, Millie had only one answer: Noah! This shows how strong their friendship is.

Again, on MTV News, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp talk about their friendship and more. They share the same feelings when it comes to their friendship. Millie tells Noah that they’ve known each other since they were 10, which makes Noah her only oldest friend. However, she hadn’t been to school and didn’t have many childhood school memories, but having Noah as her friend then made her life beautiful.

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She asks Noah how their off-set friendship helps him while filming a scene. “I think chemistry is so important on set, like getting along with each other,” answered Noah. He adds that it makes work so much easier. Their friendship makes them love their work and inspires them to work better. Well, isn’t that just beautiful?

They encourage each other and cheer each other when one does the work effectively. Millie adds to it and says that it is hard being constantly surrounded by male energy in the industry. She says, “Something that Noah has always done so well is made me feel so comfortable, so empowered and he’s been an amazing co-star to riff off of. He has always been my biggest supporter, cheering me on.” She also appreciates him by saying that it’s so nice to have boys like him, boys that support girls in these times.

“It’s the comfortability…” agrees both, but the deal-breaker?

Having shared all these feelings about their friendship, they both agree to this that they are comfortable with each other, which gives them the space to develop creatively and to be the way they are. Noah says that if he had to do a really challenging scene, and if he knew it was with Millie, he would be confident and would nail it.

“We’re good together, says both, and we all can agree to that. Turns out, that’s not all. Noah and Millie have a pact that if none of them are married by the time they are 40, they would marry each other. They say that they would live together and it would be totally platonic. They feel like growing up together has brought them close to each other.

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They think they would be good roomies. We couldn’t agree more, right? This understanding and affection between two friends are very rare. No kids, though. ‘Cause I could not deal with the child of yours, says Millie. This is the deal-breaker for both of them, but they would love a dog! “Separate bedrooms for sure. My God, you’re so messy,” and Millie cracks the deal.

Well, do you have such friends with whom you’ve made this pact? What do you think about their relationship? Share with us your views.

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