“I was like, I can’t do that”: Noah Schnapp Shares the Challenges of Filming Stranger Things While Growing Up

“I was like, I can’t do that”: Noah Schnapp Shares the Challenges of Filming Stranger Things While Growing Up

Stranger Things kids are going through the same thing that Harry Potter kids did. They are literally growing in front of the camera. When the series debuted in 2016, all the kids were in the age range of 12-15 years old. Even though their characters were younger, the child actors were all quite young to convince the viewers. But considerable time has passed since then. Time is probably going slowly at Hawkins, but it isn’t the same in real life. The kids are no more kids but teenagers. On the Today show, Will Byers’ actor Noah Schnapp shared the pressure of growing up on set. 

Noah Schnapp was required to speak differently and stand shorter 

Season 2 takes place in 1984 when Will Byers was 13 years old. The Duffer brothers had asked the actor to act younger to fit his character.

“I remember in Season Two they told me, like, you need to lower the pitch of your voice, you have to speak at a different level and stand shorter and walk like — I was like, I can’t do that. I’m not like that anymore,” he explained. 

Their physical changes had proved quite challenging for the young stars, especially after the pandemic. They were shooting for season 4 in 2020, which takes place in 1986 but was halted because of Covid. The actors got older, but the characters remained the same. The Hawkins gang are all 15 years old in 1986, but Sadie (Max) is now 20, Gaten (Dustin) is 19, Millie (Eleven) is 18, Noah Schnapp (Will) is 17, Caleb (Lucas) is 20 and finally, Finn (Mike) is 19.  

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Gaten wasn’t bothered as such

The fan-favorite, Dustin actor, Gaten, had an easier time getting into his role. He hasn’t grown as much since 14! He was already 13 when the show aired. But probably Priah Ferguson, now 15, had the most drastic change. She played Erica, Lucas’s sister. From a wee little kip, she has grown into a beautiful young girl.

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