Stranger Things Season 4 Is Coming With Major Character Risks- Know Why

Stranger Things Season 4 Is Coming With Major Character Risks- Know Why

We all have a place, a person, or even a show as our comfort zone. After a long tiring period, we always tend to go back and find joy in the little things. And Netflix’s Stranger Things is one such go-to show for many of us. It seems like we have grown up with the little rockstars of Hawkins town and have fought bravely against the threats from Upside Down. Sure, it’s been a long time since we last met our favorites, but the wait is finally over. Stranger Things season 4 will drop in this summer, to make it a little more bright and yellow.

But this good news came with its own portion of disappointments. Our favorite thriller drama is coming to an end with its last two seasons. Further, with season 4 being released in two parts in the month of May, showrunners might be in the mood to put the show at a little risk.

How is Stranger Things season 4 at risk?

Although it took a lot more than the expected period to finally bring the fourth season to our screens; the streaming service had already dropped its teaser trailer as early as 2020. Later on, Netflix also released some other teaser clips revealing the fate of a few of its characters. Per the teasers, six months after the battle of Starcourt, Eleven is now living with the Byres family in California. Whilst those back in the town of Hawkins will be forced to fight another nefarious threat from Upside Down. This one will probably be more dangerous than ever because it has its eye on the entire universe.

The Duffer Brothers also revealed earlier how they are expanding the Stranger Things universe beyond the small township of Hawkins. This surely means that multiple settings and sup-plots will come to play. But from what the recently released posters suggest; the release method might lead to a little risk in the storytelling by splitting the characters for a longer time.

From what we inferred from the posters; the first part of Stranger Things season 4 may have four key subplots. Firstly, the posters suggest that Eleven will somehow be dragged back to the mysterious Hawkins lab and even Dr. Martin Brenner. Second, with Hopper imprisoned in Russia and Mike following Will and Eleven to California, there will still be some major characters back in the town of Hawkins.

This leads to the next subplot in which Steve, Nancy, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Erica, and Robin are still living in the small town. Although these subplots will bring a lot of thrill, it also suggests that our beloved friends will stay separated for a huge amount of time. And this is a piece of bad news indeed if we look at our experience with the earlier seasons.

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The upcoming seasons are here to test our patience

If you remember, earlier we did talk about how the fourth season will be unwelcoming to fans. However, if you don’t remember, you can always read everything about it HERE. As you come back after reading it, you will surely agree with us that despite a little detour now and then; the best moments came when the entire group was together fighting against any threat that may possibly come.

We'll reportedly see more siblings of Eleven in Stranger Things season 4

But now with this season being split into two halves, and with numerous storylines, we are in to test our patience. Moreover, we do understand that with a spinoff in mind, Duffer Brothers might have thought of adding such diversifying plots. But for now, season 5 will officially bring Stranger Things to an end. And if that is so, rather than stretching their separation, the show must focus on the reunification of our beloved characters.

Do let us know in the comment section if you agree with us or not. The first part of fourth season releases on May 27th, only on Netflix.

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