Stranger Things Season 4: Cracking All the Easter Eggs in the Latest Posters that You Definitely Missed

Stranger Things Season 4: Cracking All the Easter Eggs in the Latest Posters that You Definitely Missed

As we all know, nothing great lasts forever, likewise, our favorite show Stranger Things is nearing the end of its run. The fictional world of the Duffer Brothers felt like home. It is sad to know that we won’t be getting more of our favorite character Eleven. Just like Marvel has a habit of hiding Easter eggs in movies, trailers, and posters for fans to decipher. This time, Netflix has done the same thing with Stranger Things, leaving a trail of clues for fans to follow. So we’ve embarked on this exciting journey of discovering and explaining all the Easter eggs hidden in these posters.

Last night, Netflix revealed four official Stranger Things season 4 posters and the season’s release date. They also revealed that they will split the final season into two parts, with season 5 following season 4 in a few days. This is a new strategy for Netflix, which they used with another popular show, Money Heist. We can’t wait for the next season after seeing these posters and we know you can’t either. So let us dive into the easter eggs!

Stranger Things – Easter Eggs

Demodog lying dead in the snow

Let’s start with the first one, which is from Russia and features Hopper, Joyce, and a third person who appears to be Murray. How the other two ended up here is a mystery that will be solved in the coming season, but there is one rather suspicious thing to notice. Just ahead of these three is a dead demodog lying in the snow. As a result, we believe there will be a fight scene in Russia.

Revisiting rainbow room and numerous elevens

There are a few other 11s in this poster beside the Eleven walking towards the rainbow. You can see one 11 door plaque, and another very creepy Eleven staring back at us through the broken mirror ahead. Along with this, there is also a rainbow near the end of the hallway, leading us to believe that Eleven will return to the rainbow room in the Hawkins lab, either in a dream or in reality.

We can also see a crushed can in the bottom left corner of the poster, which we all know is a reference to season one when we saw young Eleven training with Dr. Brenner, also known as Papa in the series. This again confirms that Eleven will encounter Dr. Brenner in the next season.

Similarity between Max and Lucas’ pose and El and Mike’s pose in the Stranger Things poster

This eerie parallel in the two posters leads us to believe that, like Will and El in season 3, Max and Lucas will be involved in the upside-down this time.

Let us hope for the best for our new favorite couple.

Another thing to notice is that a handful of characters are looking back or behind them in most of the posters. This appears to be foreshadowing and feels very ominous. And in the final poster, which is a clever mix of all four posters, we can see that all four paths lead up to the same veins and to the Upside Down. It also makes us appreciate Kyle Lambert, the digital artist and genius illustrator behind these posters.

Stranger Things season 4 will premiere on Netflix on May 27 with nine episodes.

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