BREAKING: Stranger Things New Teaser Takes Us Inside Creel House

BREAKING: Stranger Things New Teaser Takes Us Inside Creel House


As TUDUM‘s countdown struck 0, over 62 thousand fans were already watching it in the first few minutes. Comments were already piling up with demands for Stranger Things season four’s new teaser as promised. The show began with fans reacting to some trending Netflix shows and talking about their favorites from the streaming platform.

YouTuber and Comedian Lilly Singh, the host for the first hour, greeted everyone. You must be waiting for this article to get to the point. Well, we also did wait for the new teaser, but the wait wasn’t long. Soon the creators of Stranger Things waved hi to Tudum, and next up was an exclusive teaser launch for the upcoming season. Without further ado, here are the details.

Stranger Things Season 4 New Teaser

Fans’ reactions in the comments went crazily hysterical as soon as the new teaser dropped. It took us to Creel House, a new locale for Season 4. A family goes inside the house (seemingly new for them) and things become stranger because it’s Stranger Things. The old-timey house appears decent and nicely done from the outside, but inside lies the mystery.

The first few seconds of the teaser appear all lively and warm, with a happy family enjoying their new house, but only until a lamp light flickers. The little girl finds a dead rotten animal in their garden and she walks towards it. What we see next is an eerie flickering of all the lights as the family dines.

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A flash scene then shows a man standing in front of the door. The two kids lie (probably dead) beside him on the floor. Thereafter, time jumps, and the protagonists of the series enter, breaking the glass of this abandoned house door, to unravel the truth of this creepy house.

“The world is full of obvious things, which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

Earlier on Friday, the official Twitter handle of the show teased a gruesome murder of a family in the forthcoming season. It could be of the same family that is entering the Creel house in the new teaser.

Release date of Stranger Things Season 4

An exact date is yet to be announced. But with this teaser launch, it’s finally official, the new season will stream in 2022. We can expect the date’s announcement in the next and final teaser of the upcoming season.

Who is Creel?

Stranger Things had announced the new characters and cast of Season 4 back in November 2020. One of them was Victor Creel, being played by Robert Englund. As per the official description, he is a disturbed and intimidating man who is imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s.

Stranger Things is expanding beyond its setting in Hawkins. Hopper (David Harbour) is stuck in Russia, as we saw in one of the previous teasers. The new season is going to be more rich and gripping with newer locations and suspenseful supernatural history.

How excited are you for Stranger Things Season 4? What did you make of the trailer release on TUDUM?

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