Why Stranger Things Season 4 Delay Is Unwelcoming And Troublesome To Fans?

Why Stranger Things Season 4 Delay Is Unwelcoming And Troublesome To Fans?

A long time ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic had just commenced and kicked us into our house; A messiah in the form of Stranger Things season 3 arrived in the month of July. It took away some of our sorrow and brought us a little merry time. We adventured with Eleven and her friends, and slew demons again. But that was the only time we were last able to escape our world. Despite all the promises, we didn’t get Stranger Things season 4 till now. And the last season bid us goodbye, leaving us alone with many mysteries to solve.

How did the series change its course from season one to three?

The best thing that happened to stranger things was its season 1, we all agree on it. They kept the focus on the leading characters, such as Mike, Eleven, and their friends. However, it persistently pointed towards something bigger. The sweet hint of mysteries and thrill lured a lot of fan bases. Although, its transition to second season was action-packed but limited to the small township of Hawkins. Moreover, few new characters were introduced and resulting in a slight detour now and then.

With all the destruction taking place in season 3, stranger things take a dramatic turn. However, the plot remains the same. Dozens of new characters were introduced and killed in short order, leading to lesser screen time for the main characters, rendering it less interesting. Notably, we also see our little friends all grown up and entering their adolescent phase. Along with mysteries, magic, and evil entities, there’s a bitter-sweet romance, forced breakups, and everything revolving around their teenage life. But how will all this affect season 4?

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Why is Stranger Things season 4 delay troublesome to fans?

Although we are merely waiting for season 4 to arrive, there can be slight trouble bagged with the delayed package of Stranger Things season 4. The Kids are all grown up now! For instance, in the available trailer, we see Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven with bangs. Little Mike has grown tall and handsome as ever. Noah Schnapp has also grown into a beautiful boy and Caleb McLaughlin has grown into a lean, muscular man. Yes, the nature has played its role! And the continuous delay in the most anticipated season of the year, due to obvious reasons, can cause complete mayhem.

Hence, before the last season break out, brush up your memory of Stranger Things, and do your research on the whereabouts of these kids. 

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To conclude, we know you are furious because of the back-to-back delays and you might have also lost a little interest, but hang in right there. Because the show is coming with bigger surprises beyond the boundaries of Hawkins.

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