Adam Groff’s Character Development in Sex Education From a Bully to a Poet Is Worth Shedding Tears For

Adam Groff’s Character Development in Sex Education From a Bully to a Poet Is Worth Shedding Tears For

It was back in the month of September when Netflix released the much-awaited season 3 of Sex Education; a show that is loved by literally every single person who has laid his eyes on it, revolving around the lives of school-going teens with teen problems. But it seems as if season 3 was just released yesterday, as the tears of sorrow are not dry yet; thanks to the amazing character development of none other than Mr. Adam Groff.

Adam started off as a “supposed” villain in season 1 of the Netflix Original but has indeed turned out to be one of the most loved characters of the show. Moordale’s in-house bully is now the very sweet gentle giant that even Ruby likes to a certain extent. I mean, if Ruby likes you then trust me you are awesome!

Adam Groff of Sex Education: from a bully to boo

Adam in season 1 was actually a pain in the a** for Eric, as he bullied the poor guy a lot; according to the show, this has been going on for years. But this all changed in one amazing moment from season 2. Eric and Adam were having a fight that turned into the couple’s first-ever kiss.

It was really beautiful when Adam finally came to terms with his sexuality and admitted that he was bisexual; he went on to publically declare his love for Eric, and well of course Eric chose him over Rahim right at the end of season 2. It was clear that season 3 of the show would go on to explore this new relationship; at the same time the character of Adam.

The transition from a closeted guy to an openly emotional man

Adam Groff from Sex Education was always a boy who put a lid over his emotions (mainly because of his father), he was even a little nervous about introducing his boyfriend to his father. Talking doesn’t come easy to a lot of people; according to our dear Adam, it is because he didn’t grow up in a “naked family”. Adam was of course was helped by Otis, who gave him the advice of not looking at people when he talks; it actually worked for Adam, as he went on to talk about his desire to his teacher.


Adam learned to be more vocal about his emotions, he told Eric how he wants to have sex with him, and god it was so beautiful to watch him do that. Adam managed to befriend Rahim as well, taking the blame for the infamous “poo”; and this friendship turned out to be really interesting. Adam showed the softer side of his character when he asked Rahim about things that Eric likes, upon learning about his love for poetry Adam even wrote one for him!

The interests and talents of Mr. Adam

Who would have thought that Adam watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians? It was a surprise for not just Ruby but also for all of us when Adam started talking about it. The little cute ‘friendship’ between Adam and Ruby seems so adorable, it would really be amazing to see these two become closer friends in the coming season.

We even got to see Adam explore a rather new field when he took his cute little dog ‘Madam’ on a dog show. Well, even if Adam didn’t manage to win the contest; it was really heartwarming to see his teacher and his mother be there for him. Adam telling his mum about Eric being his boyfriend really made me smile with drops of tears rolling down my eye.

Adam’s first poem was not that great; as Rahim pointed out that he should write from his heart. Adam did write a poem that was from his heart, but oh the pain it caused him was immense. After Eric decided to break up with him, saying that he was held back because of the relationship; my heart shattered into a million little pieces.

I mean just look at the poem yourself-

A boy I don’t like told me to write from the heart

I didn’t know what that meant because I never knew I had one

I never knew I had a heart

‘Til you said you kissed a boy I haven’t met


Then I knew I had a heart

Because I thought it might stop

And when I thought my heart might stop beating

I realised it had always been there


But it didn’t know how to feel

Until I thought about losing you

I knew we wouldn’t last forever

I was waiting for this day


But I hope we can fix things

And if we can’t

I will always thank you

For showing me I have a heart

How can you not feel bad for a guy who wrote this? After everything that he went through, Adam Groff from Sex Education turned into a character that each one of us adores with all our heart.

Do you think Eric was right when he left Adam even though he was trying his best?

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