WATCH: Sex Education Season 3 BLOOPERS – Official Video Released by Netflix

WATCH: Sex Education Season 3 BLOOPERS – Official Video Released by Netflix

It is now official. The actors of Sex Education are exactly like the characters they play in real life. When creators encourage a cast to improvise as much as they do at the sets of Sex Education, bloopers are inevitable. In fact, seeing from the video, they are quite welcome too. Fun fact: One of the most popular memes this year, “wash your hands, you dirty pig” was improvised by Ncuti Gatwa who plays Eric Effoing.

The third season of the British drama-comedy was released in September 2021. With the latest season of the series being as hilarious as it was, it couldn’t have been easy for the actors not to burst into laughter once in a while. And so, the official channel of Still Watching Netflix decided to release a Sex Education Blooper video.

Run through of Sex Education Season 3

Otis (Asa Butterfield) continues to be an intriguing character in this Netflix series. He continues to make errors as he contends with love, romance, and friendship. He is awkward, empathetic, and little narcissistic, but, hey, not everyone’s perfect. Progress isn’t always seamless, something media clearly fails to depict. The bully never magically transforms into a nice guy within a night. Otis stood out in this context. His growth wasn’t ideal or even, but he never gave up.
Meanwhile, Meave (Emma Mackey) deals with her mother’s addiction and separation from her sister, who is now in foster care. The show’s budding romance between Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Adan (Connor Swindells) is something quite to look forward to. Eric has to reconcile his gender identity with his background and future while Adam has to take a step to embrace himself, past and present included.

Sex Education Season 3 Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Sex Education clearly owes a great deal of its humor to its cast. While most of the characters have matured and the show certainly has grown, it stays true to its chaotic British theme. And of course, it isn’t just the protagonists who did make it possible. The supporting cast of the show is just as enthralling.

In the second half of the season, Lily (Tanya Reynolds) goes through brief but complicated arc regarding self-expression and self-esteem. Ruby (Mini Keene) deviates from the popular mean girl trope by getting vulnerable about the problems she faces at home. The Netflix Original continues to talk about morals, ethics, sexuality, and gender identity while making sure the viewers get a laugh on the way.

While fans await the release of another season, here are some more Sex Education bloopers to satisfy your present cravings:

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