Sebastian Croft Shares an Unseen “Plot Twist” With Kit Conner From Heartstopper Surfacing “The Truth”, Joe Locke Also Involved

Sebastian Croft Shares an Unseen “Plot Twist” With Kit Conner From Heartstopper Surfacing “The Truth”, Joe Locke Also Involved

Right now the internet is going absolutely crazy over the beautiful coming-of-age story of Netflix’s Heartstopper. The characters, the storyline, the plot, and the way each and everyone connected to the project have shown the sheer love they have for their work. The first season of the drama series has taken the world by storm. And fans have dived deep into the base material, the graphic novel and webcomic of the same name. Fans are practically digging deep into the material to find out everything possible about the series, but still is never enough.

While everyone was busy digging up stuff from comics or novels, Sebastian Croft himself revealed a huge plot twist from the show. But what exactly was this plot twist? Well, it was big enough to pierce the hearts of many fans and Joe Lock himself. Now, without wasting much time, let’s get to whatever the revelation was. And also see why the fans are in a frenzy about it all.

Sebastian Croft reveals the biggest “Plot twist” from Heartstopper

In a rather romantic and notorious way, Sebastian Croft (Benjamin “Ben” Hope) took to Twitter to reveal a cute picture of himself and Kit Conor (Nicholas “Nick” Nelson). In the picture we see Sebastian carrying Kit in his arms, while romantically looking right into his eyes. He wrote, “Plot twist…” while posting the picture on the social media platform, which is now owned by Elon Musk. While this picture looks absolutely adorable, it doesn’t technically make sense for the story, as Nick and Ben definitely do not belong together.

Kit Connor himself joined the conversation saying, “I was wondering when this would surface“. To which Sebastian replied, ” It was only a matter of time till the truth surfaced…“. Alice Oseman, the writer of Heartstopper webcomics herself, came out to clear all the air around the picture. She took to Twitter to reveal that it was shockingly just a joke”. 

One of the fans even asked about who drew the cute heart on the photo of Sebastian and Kit, and sadly, Joe Locke himself did that.

Luckily, this is just some BTS fun that all these people had with each other. And to be honest, all this fun is the very reason fans absolutely love the show and their boys with all their hearts.

You can stream the entire first season of Heartstopper on Netflix now.

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