‘Heartstopper’ Season 2: Joe Locke Talks About Charlie and Nick Says “I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop as a couple”

‘Heartstopper’ Season 2: Joe Locke Talks About Charlie and Nick Says “I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop as a couple”

Netflix’s queer love series, Heartstopper, is receiving lots of love globally. All you need is a look at gay Twitter to confirm it. It has even inspired a fan to come out to her parents. The heartwarming show just ended and fans are already clamoring for more of Nick and Charlie. Fortunately, Alice Oseman has written a ton lot of content for fans to get their queer love fix until Netflix greenlights the second season. In an interview with GQ, actor Joe Locke opened up about his character and what he wants for the second season.

Joe Locke wants to tackle mental and eating disorders 

Joe Locke, who plays Charlie on the show, is a shy introverted gay kid lucked out in the auditions. In an open casting call that saw nearly 10,000 people turn up, Joe got the role. For a debutante, he played the role with utter conviction. The actor expressed his desire to continue the love story of Nick and Charlie. 

If we get another season (fingers crossed), I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop as a couple. There are three more graphic novels too!” said the actor. The first season is based on the first 2 webcomics of the same name. So if a second season does happen, it’ll dive right into the third comic. The next part will apparently revolve around Charlie’s struggle with mental health. And Joe can’t wait to explore that side of his character. He wishes to deal with issues like mental health from a lighter place unlike most shows that take a darker path.

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Charlie from Heartstopper had a positive influence on the actor 

During the same interview, the actor confessed that he tries to become more like Charlie in his relationships since the show. 

I’ve learned to appreciate the people in my life a lot more through playing Charlie. Charlie is just the most loving person, and I fear that in the relationships in my life, I’ve not always been that. I always try and take that on now and become more like Charlie.”

It’s heartwarming to see that the show has had an effect on not just the fans but also the actors involved.

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