“You (Joe Locke) with the sports day vest I can’t”: Sebastian Croft and Fans React to Heartstopper Blooper Video

“You (Joe Locke) with the sports day vest I can’t”: Sebastian Croft and Fans React to Heartstopper Blooper Video

Based on Alice Oseman’s comic of the same name, Heartstopper brought a ray of hope and sunshine into the world with its heartwarming tale of two young lovers. The series had too many sweet moments to count and fans are still gushing about those. However, Netflix recently released the bloopers video which is full of adorable scenes from the cast just being dorky on the set! 

Joe Locke who plays Charlie Springs on the show shared the blooper reel on his Twitter. Although, it’s unavailable now.

All fun and laughter on the Heartstopper set

The Heartstopper bloopers reveal the cast mostly playing around and having fun on the set. They often forget their lines, follow the wrong cue, or fail at drinking their ice cream properly. Even Joe forgets to take his mask off and no one notices until later! The actors pose for a selfie whenever they get the chance. And there’s never a wrong time to bust out Drake’s Kiki Do You Love Me. Tao and Elle showed a beautiful friendship onscreen and that translated offscreen as well. It’s funny that Harry Green, the bully, can’t get his eyes open to avenge Tao when he throws water on him. And that has everyone rolling with laughter. Olivia Colman also had her moments too. She forgot her lines during Nick’s coming-out scene.

“I just got all overwhelmed with your little face, Olivia,” she tells Kit (Nick). Furthermore, she even cracked a joke about running over a bully!

But the highlight of the blooper reel is definitely Tao helping Joe to wear the school vest and still not doing a good job. The school vest is askew! And it has caught Sebastian Croft who plays Ben Hope’s attention too! Ben is Charlie’s secret boyfriend who avoids acknowledging Charlie in public for fear of getting trolled. They have a very toxic relationship, but in real life, these two seem to share a good bond.

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Fan reactions to the blooper 

Keeping aside Croft’s reaction, fans had the best reaction to the bloopers. 

Stream the series here. 

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