Sebastian Croft Shares The Umbrella Academy Crossover With Heartstopper and Fans Are Jealous of the Cast’s Friendship

Sebastian Croft Shares The Umbrella Academy Crossover With Heartstopper and Fans Are Jealous of the Cast’s Friendship

Any good show or a film is only as good as its cast. If a casting director does their job well, it guarantees half of the show’s success. And if luckily, the cast gets well together, then the show reaches new heights of acclaim. But to say that the cast of Heartstopper just gets together well would be an understatement. They are truly like a family and have acted that way since day one.

Their amazing chemistry and comfort that they share with each other resonate onscreen as well. So to keep the family memories intact, Sebastian Croft has posted a picture on his Twitter handle and has teased the fans of an epic crossover with another Netflix superhero family.

Sebastian Croft hints at Heartstopper Academy

A great aspect of Netflix’s new hot teen romance series Heartstopper was its new fresh-faced cast. As a result, Sebastian Croft is the most popular out of the show’s cast.

He plays Ben Hope in the series, the main antagonist of the first season. However, his playing the baddie in the season did not affect his relationship with the rest of the cast. In a new post by the Game of Throne alumni, he can be seen enjoying with the rest of the cast under “Umbrellas.”

Sebastian calls the cast new Umbrella Academy as they all are holding obviously umbrellas. For the unversed, The Umbrella Academy is a hit superhero show on Netflix, and the newest season of the show will be releasing on June 22nd, 2022.

In the picture beside Croft, we can see William Gao, Tobie Donovan, and what looks like Joe Locke’s nostrils.

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The reaction of the fans

Fans love the Alice Oseman books and their characters already. But since the release of the show, they love the cast even more.

Fans have already shown their appreciation toward Kit Conor for accurately playing Nick in the show. And now fans are loving the chemistry of the actors with Sebastian. Some tweets are

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Meanwhile, let us know if you guys are also a fan of the show and its cast? Share your answers with us in the comments.

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