Author Alice Oseman Reveals Her Stan Lee Moment in Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ That Everybody Failed to Notice

Author Alice Oseman Reveals Her Stan Lee Moment in Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ That Everybody Failed to Notice

Heartstopper is probably the most adorable series right now streaming on Netflix. Before the Netflix adaptation was announced, Nick and Charlie already had too many people cheering on their relationship thanks to Alice Oseman’s webcomic. To her credit, the 27-year-old has managed to lend a voice to the people on the spectrum through her webcomic. And now the actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke have breathed life into the characters. They play Nick and Charlie respectively. 

Although fans have been quick to notice the small details in the series like the school crest changing shapes, they have failed to observe this little Alice Oseman moment.

The surprise Alice Oseman cameo in Heartstopper

In a recent podcast, the author has jokingly revealed her Stan Lee moment. She disclosed to the hosts that she’s sitting right beside the love birds on the train in episode 8. Furthermore, if you look closely you can also spot her YA novels sitting on Charlie’s bookshelf. At one point, Isaac is even reading one of them. 

Well, you’d really need to rewatch the series countless times to spot these tiny details that the creators and Alice herself have slid in! 

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Did you know Connor wanted to play Charlie?

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Charlie if not Joe. But they could have swapped roles. Nick actor Kit had auditioned for the role of Charlie because he just loved the character. But he knew he wouldn’t land the role because he was far from the character’s physical description. 

Is the show renewed for a second season?

Netflix hasn’t commissioned a second season of Heartstopper. But since the show has received so much love, it’s likely that the streamer will ask for more episodes.

Set in an all-boys English school, the British show encapsulates the high school experience of LGBTQ youth perfectly. Nick and Charlie are two entirely opposite personalities and yet they are attracted to each other. What follows is a moving tale about young love and finding oneself. 

Stream the series here. 

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