‘Heartstopper’ and ‘Squid Game’ Come Together to Surprise the World With a Special Collaboration at BAFTA

‘Heartstopper’ and ‘Squid Game’ Come Together to Surprise the World With a Special Collaboration at BAFTA

After the whirlwind Squid Game created, Heartstopper was one of the other shows that matched its hype for the fans. While Squid Game got a nomination in the International series genre at BAFTA, Heartstopper is anticipated to bag nominations at the next BAFTA and maybe even win. The hype heightened when the two most popular shows announced a collaboration on Twitter.

Heartstopper star Joe Locke made an appearance at BAFTA 2022

Squid Game’s Twitter handle announced a collaboration with LGBTQ+ romance series Heartstopper and how! Accompanying the  caption was a red carpet photo from BAFTA 2022, featuring everyone’s sweetheart, Joe Locke.

Fan hearts anyway stop when they see their beloved Charlie doing anything out in public. And now that he was seen in their other favorite attire, they can’t stop talking about it.

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Joe wore a Squid Game-inspired tuxedo neatly paired with shiny shoes and the prettiest bow-tie ever! He entered the carpet with three Squid Game guards by his side, as if they were protecting him. Joe’s heart-shaped bow tie matched perfectly with the neons in guards’s masks. The ‘collection’ seems like a merchandise collection of things, and Joe’s outfit, a perfect merger of cutesie things from Heartstopper and the bright bolds of Squid Game, was a testament to it.

How did fans take in the collaboration announcement?

Fan reactions were as priceless as Joe’s look. A lot of them weren’t too thrilled, for two completely different genres merging was a gimmick to them. Here are some of the comments.

This was a screenshot from Heartstopper that fans used to imply Charlie’s death in Squid Game. Fans were concerned about their sweet boy Charlie, who had a whole journey with his sexuality, to be joining something as scary as Squid Game. Joe’s character is too soft to be going through with the horrendous challenges of Squid Game, especially after the hardships he faced before.

Fans envious of Nick and Charlie’s love too couldn’t justify the latter’s entry in the Korean drama.

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While some of them were strictly against it, others thought it was the bestest news to break.


This comes not long after Squid Game hinted at the Season 2 release date. Fans thought of this as a trick to attract audiences by collaborating with their recent favorites. Even though Squid Game doesn’t really need any publicity, could it be their way of creating a hype before they announce official dates for season 2 of both the shows?

Time and Netflix will answer.

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