‘Squid Game’ Twitter Handle Hints at Season 2 Release Month: “It’s Gonna Be…”

‘Squid Game’ Twitter Handle Hints at Season 2 Release Month: “It’s Gonna Be…”

Squid Game’s gore and thrill from the first season still hasn’t left us, and the show has already announced a second season. While talks of season two have been going around for long, there was no surity or announcement on its release. Speculations of it releasing in 2023 or 2024 toned the hype down. But this recent development on Twitter is sure to leave fans excited with anticipation. Here’s everything about Squid Game season two release date.

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Squid Game season 2 may get a quicker release?

Squid Game became the most watched show on Netflix on launch. Only the Regency Era show, Bridgerton came remotely close to the Korean series’ records. The tag #squidgame has over 27 Billion views on tik-tok! People who don’t know of the show are probably living under a rock. Its full of immediate surprises, mad thrill and a slick plot consisting several character arcs. After much anticipation and wait, Squid Game official account might just have hinted at the a season 2 release date. Have a look at the post :

The picture says, “You don’t even know what month it’s gonna be.” And shows a VIP sitting on a human sofa, a scene from season 1. Fans were quick to guess the hint and connect it to NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna be Me.” Leading theory is that May will see some major update about the release of second season.

Another faction of fans took a step further by delving into horoscope. According to them, the whole picture gave a very Leo-like vibe because of the mask used and the leopard skin. Since the zodiac sign of Leo falls in the month of July-August, the show is suspected to release in that period. It’s worth noting that season 1 premiered in September 2021. So, given the Netflix trend, we can expect an update on season 2 in May/July-August at the most.

What’s in store for Squid Game season two?

Squid Game season one ended with with Gi Hun winning the game and the cash. He obviously isn’t happy being the winner because his guilty conscious disapproves of it. As we approach season 2, speculations about the plot are underway. One theory says that we are going to see more of the Front Man and how he ended up in the game after being a contestant. We’ll also see more of the mystery of Oh II-Nam or the ‘old-man’ as to why he knowingly entered the game.

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Alternatively, we may also see Gi Hun setting out to get revenge and stop the game. According to the director Hwang Dong-hyuk, its not easy to break into the fortified walls of the game and so it won’t be easy for Gi Hun either. Unless he pairs up with the Front Man. 

At this point, anything is possible in season 2. What are your theories?

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