Squid Game Director Says His New Movie, Killing Old People Club Will Be More ‘Violent’ Than the K-Drama Series

Hwang Dong Hyuk, the man behind the violent Korean survival drama, Squid Game shared a new update with the fans. He is currently developing a new film, Killing Old People Club. It is based on Italian philosopher and writer, Umberto Eco’s works. He has already penned a 25-page draft.  Although he was a relatively unknown face, once Squid Game hit Netflix, things changed overnight for the director. The Korean thriller drama was a massive hit, trending worldwide in 94 countries. It amassed a viewership of 1.65  billion hours. The huge numbers pushed Bridgerton off the #1 list and is still currently occupying the top spot in the all-time most-viewed list on Netflix. The series raked in $1 billion dollars as opposed to a production value of  $21 million. It received plenty of accolades and praises from Steven Spielberg himself. 

Killing Old People Club has more violence than the survival series

The Squid Game invited mass criticism and debates and the director is aware of that. Since his upcoming film is even bloodier than the series, it may not sit well with a lot of people. The premise can be unsettling for the pensioners. 

It will be more violent than Squid Game,’ he said. 

He is afraid that he might have to avoid old people once the film is released. Nevertheless, like the KDrama thriller, Netflix will surely provide a wider audience to the flick.  

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Squid Game director is working on season 2

Finally, he shared some updates regarding season 2 of the uber-popular show. He shared that he’s returning to his country, South Korea to pen down the second season. The survival series ended on a bleak note with many of the fan favorites not making it to the end. Dong Hyuk further teased that he might bring back some of the dead characters. 

Dong Hyuk had created the first draft back in 2008. He had planned to turn it into a feature film and not a series. But because of the “global” appeal of the drama, his producer had advised him to pitch it to someone else. When Netflix launched in 2016 in South Korea, Dong Hyuk pitched the series to the streamer. And the streamer greenlit in 2016. 

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