“One of my favourite…”- Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Excited for an Exciting Project Involving Oscar Winner Rami Malek and Matt Reeves

“One of my favourite…”- Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Excited for an Exciting Project Involving Oscar Winner Rami Malek and Matt Reeves

Apart from sequels that have dominated Hollywood for quite a few years (decades) now, it seems makers are interested in telling stories about the heydays of Hollywood. The trend started with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and is continuing with Babylon and The Offer. While Paramount decided to chronicle the making of one of the classics, The Godfather, Warner Bros, now plan to acquaint younger viewers with Buster Keaton. And Ryan Reynolds is already tweeting about it! 

Buster Keaton was one of the most influential figures of the silent era. Considering how his movies were ahead of his time and were mostly comedies, it comes as no surprise that the Deadpool star would be a fan of the bygone star

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Ryan Reynolds is looking forward to seeing Rami Malek as Buster Keaton

Warner Bros is creating a limited series chronicling Buster Keaton’s life. The limited series is set to star Emmy and Oscar winner Rami Malek in the titular role while Matt Reeves will direct it. Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to express his delight over the news. He also gave a shout-out to one of his favorite short films about Keaton, The Art Of The Gag

Malek, David Weddle, and Matt’s 6th & Idaho productions are producing the series. Daniel Pipski and Rafi Crohn will serve as executive directors. According to Deadline, Warner Bros is currently trying to rope in Ted Cohen, who has shows like Succession, Veep, and Friends under his belt, to write the script. He is also in talks to get attached to the project as one of the executive producers as well. The series is reportedly based on famous biographer James Curtis’ Buster Keaton: A Filmmaker’s Life. 

Reeves recently proved his mettle with The Batman, which made around $771 million worldwide. He is currently working on The Batman offshoot, The Penguin starring Colin Farrell. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is keeping tabs on what’s coming to streaming. And is also busy getting in shape for Deadpool 3. The movie is bringing back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after his death in Logan. Hugh recently brushed aside fans’ fears about the threequel messing with MCU’s timeline.

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