“I remember doing their charts…”- Astrologer Admits Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Signs Made Him Go Mad Because of the Sheer Compatibility

“I remember doing their charts…”- Astrologer Admits Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Signs Made Him Go Mad Because of the Sheer Compatibility

Whether you believe in astrology or not, you cannot deny that the stars hold some secrets about your life. When read accurately, it can reveal things about yourself you did not know and guide you in life. Additionally, the stars can also predict if your relationship with your partner is going to last or not. With Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appearing so perfect for each other, their star signs gotta be compatible, right?

The two are the definition of power couple,with their constant bantering on the Internet and public adoration at award shows. So, when astrologer Courtney Perkins compiled their charts, she was stunned to see their compatibility rating. Well, no surprises there.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are here for the long haul

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the Hollywood It couples right now. They check all the boxes – super humble, good-looking, and adorable. Their chemistry is off the charts. And even after 10 years of their marriage they still appear to be very much in love. When Instyle collaborated with Courtney for their issue of The Fault in Our Stars’ Stars, they decided to check the compatibility of Ryan and Blake this time around. 

Turns out Virgo Lively and Scorpio Ryan are the perfect partners. 

“I remember doing their charts once and being like ‘fuck,” she said. 

Virgos value stability and perfection. They are extremely self-critical and hence need a nurturing partner. Whereas Scorpios are fiercely loyal, devoted, and love passionately. They both “value loyalty and commitment” and are big lovers. 

We can both see these things in Reynolds and Lively’s relationship. They are always poking fun at each other by cropping each other out or crediting their lovely other halves in acceptance speeches or interviews. Whatever they do, you can always tell that they love each other deeply. 

The couple met in 2010 during the filming of The Green Lantern. They were friends for a long time until they started dating each other and got married in 2012. Currently, they are parents to three beautiful daughters. They are also gearing up to welcome their fourth child. The couple has not revealed the gender yet.

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The Canadian star is to receive a special award from the Canadian Screen awards. Do you think Blake will show up to make another speech about her husband?

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