Revisiting the Hilarious Ryan Reynolds Birthday Post by Blake Lively, Which Was More About Ryan Gosling

Revisiting the Hilarious Ryan Reynolds Birthday Post by Blake Lively, Which Was More About Ryan Gosling

It was the “Gosling” of times, it was the “Reynolds” of times. However, what’s in a name? That which we call a “Ryan”, by any other word, would look just as great. As much as misquoting profound Dickensian and Shakespearean lines might be a crime, we might get a parley if it is for Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. Since the beginning, their similar names have caused numerous mix-ups. Blake Lively once took advantage of this very “Battle of the Ryans” to get back at her husband.

A few years ago, the Gossip Girl star left a heartfelt wish for her husband on his birthday. However, it was Ryan Gosling who overpowered the post and took the proverbial cake instead. 

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How did Blake Lively’s birthday wish for Ryan Reynolds have Ryan Gosling in the forefront?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are a crowd-favorite couple because of their constant and hilarious digs at each other. The two leave no opportunity wasted to make fun of one another. About 5 years ago, Reynolds took to his social media account and posted a picture of him and Lively for her 30th birthday and captioned it:

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

As sweet as the post was, the Deadpool star cropped the picture in such a way that Blake was barely even visible. Naturally, this called for revenge.

On Reynolds’ 41st birthday, Lively also posted a special greeting. The caption saying “Happy Birthday, Baby,” accompanied yet another cropped photo. Only this time, it was the Red Notice actor who barely made it into the picture. Blake uploaded a snap of Ryan Gosling along with her husband. However, since she cropped most of Reynolds out, it seemed like the gorgeous actress left the adorable message for the La La Land star instead of her other half.

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How do you think Blake Lively will wish Ryan Reynolds this year for his birthday? Will the greeting feature Ryan Gosling again or another actor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Meanwhile, you can watch The Gray Man streaming on Netflix to celebrate Reynolds’ special day.

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