Ryan Reynolds Shares “life time of wisdom” by John Green Calling For “Jerk Revolution”

Ryan Reynolds Shares “life time of wisdom” by John Green Calling For “Jerk Revolution”

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful actors in the industry today. Apart from his iconic acting career, the Deadpool star is a successful investor and also owns a football club Wrexham A.F.C. As we all know, ever since Reynolds took over the Welsh Football club, he has been very active in promoting his team. Reynolds is often spotted in the crowd attending various matches. The Welsh people even acknowledged Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for their contribution.

Recently, Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to share a video of renowned writer John Green. Apparently, Green was referencing a past incident that happened during Wrexham’s match against Chester F.C. while explaining something peculiar.

What was the video that Ryan Reynolds shared on Instagram about?

Previously, John Green shared a video on TikTok to explain something called the Jerk Revolution. Green showed the audience a clip before Wrexham A.F.C vs Chester Football club. Wrexham players were paying tribute to a fellow fan, Scott Torrens, who had passed away after suffering a seizure in his sleep. While the players and fans observed silence, a Chester fan yelled,Scotty in a box. Soon after, a number of Chester fans joined the chant, creating complete chaos in the stadium.

Referencing the video, Green spoke, “When one person is a jerk, it gives permission to a lot of other people to be jerks.” Furthermore, the Fault In Our Stars author added how each one of us has the power to be the one person who starts the Jerk Revolution.”

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The Deadpool actor shared the video on his Instagram with the title, “Turtles All The Way Down (Wrexham Edition).” Moreover, Reynolds added how Green’s video explains a “lifetime of wisdom.” On the other hand, the Chester fans didn’t go unpunished for their disgraceful act. As per the Mirror, nearly 10 supporters were hit with a ban for a couple of years.

The Deadpool actor is a true football enthusiast

Meanwhile, it seems like Reynolds’s passion for Wrexham knows no bounds. Previously, he even made his way to FIFA 23 in a hidden Easter egg. Apart from that, striker Paul Mullin even credited the duo for being the most “Down to Earth” owners. Not long ago, season 1 of Welcome To Wrexham came to an end after nearly eighteen episodes. As per the latest reports, the documentary series will return in 2023.

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