“One hug doesn’t fix everything”: Tanner Buchanan on the Future of Robbie in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

“One hug doesn’t fix everything”: Tanner Buchanan on the Future of Robbie in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Throughout the series, we have seen more than karate. The show, Cobra Kai, addresses many teenage issues, along with mid-life crises. The mistakes, insecurities, fears, and decisions that the characters have made in the past come back in their present. It creates chaos until they face them. Almost every character faces their past and resolves them. However, Johnny Lawrence and Robby’s relationship is something that makes everyone emotional every time they face each other.

We have seen Johnny struggling throughout his mid-life. He abandons his son Robby. He lives alone, and then he meets Miguel. On the other side, we see Robby, a lost teenage boy whose mother is trying to raise him while trying to live her life as well. Robby misses his father, but he neglects his emotions for a long time. Until the end of season 4, we see this father-son duo against each other rather than side by side. After the tournament, Robby and Johnny hug each other and pour their hearts out. It makes us question the future of their relationship.

Will Cobra Kai season 5 see this father-son duo finally together?

While it was an extremely emotional moment for the actors, the viewers also got emotional while watching them hug. This was the union that fans needed the most. The actor who portrays the tough character of Robby, Tanner Buchanan, recently talked about his relationship with his father in season 5.

Tanner talks about the hug and that moment while saying, “You know, you have those moments in times where you’re emotional, and you can have those moments. But ultimately, one hug doesn’t fix everything.” While a hug cannot fix everything, it can certainly give you a fresh start, which Johnny and Robby got in the previous season of the show.

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However, there is a lot of history there. So, it will take a lot of time to mend their relationship in season 5. But we have witnessed some moments of softness between them here and there in the show. Tanner teases about their relationship and reveals they are trying to figure out if it’s gonna work or not.

Whether or not they will end up resolving their issues this season is a mystery. However, fans are definitely eager to see the growth of their relationship in the upcoming season. What do you think about their relationship? Will they be able to resolve their issues? If you want to revisit their journey, watch the show here again and tell us what you think about it.

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