How Tanner Buchanan in ‘He’s All That’ Resembles His Robby Keene From ‘Cobra Kai’?

How Tanner Buchanan in ‘He’s All That’ Resembles His Robby Keene From ‘Cobra Kai’?

Cobra Kai is one of the most trending shows on Netflix. Fans have been devoted to the show since its release. Significantly, believable fight sequences and a good story navigating through emotions, discipline, and competition has kept the fans hooked. The cast of the show is just as amazing as the show itself. One of the main characters is our beloved Sensei Lawrence’s son, Robby Keene. Tanner Buchanan in Cobra Kai effortlessly portrayed the character and underwent martial arts training for his character. So, it is no surprise that his skills shined through his portrayal of another character, Cameron.

Tanner Buchanan in ‘He’s all that’

Cobra Kai star, Tanner Buchanan, recently starred in a Netflix romantic-comedy, ‘He’s All That’. The movie premiered on the streaming platform on 25th August 2021and is a gender-switched version of the 1999’s popular movie, ‘She’s All That’. However, not many parallels can be seen between the two movies. 

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In the movie, a high school senior, Padgett Sawyer, played by our beloved TikTok star, Addison Rae, thrives in the social media world. From sharing photos to short videos of her daily life and makeover tips, she is an open book on social media. However, things take an unusual turn as she accepts a bet to turn the school dork into the next prom king.

The school dork, Cameron, played by Tanner, accepts her proposal for a makeover. This unfolds a series of events that will keep you entertained throughout the movie. One of these events is the poolside fight involving Cameron and the orthodox hot school bully, Jordon Van Draanen.

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Tanner Buchanan: Cobra Kai’s skill master

The fight scene in He’s All That is highly familiar to the Cobra Kai fans. Tanner Buchanan’s skills in the popular Netflix series are to die for. Although he doesn’t sport a traditional gi in this film, he moves just as effortlessly in a suit.

One significant thing that the Cobra Kai fans would notice in the fight is that the character, Cameron Kweller, immediately takes a defensive stance. Furthermore, he allows his opponent to flail his arms around and dodges his punches gracefully much like Robby in Cobra Kai. This shows that the actor has gained sharp skills and lessons from the sets of Cobra Kai.

Tanner also showcases his famous kick from the series, initially being calm and practicing Miyagi Do and then moving on to fierce kicks and blows. This fight scene will make his first on-screen sensei, Daniel LaRusso, and his father, Johnny Lawrence, very proud.

Cobra Kai and its cast have surely influenced all of us. Whether it is the teachings of discipline or the fighting styles, the generation will remember this for years to come. What are your thoughts on this fight scene?

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