“Nobody’s perfect”: When Kevin Hart Reacted to Will Smith’s Rumored Netflix Documentary

“Nobody’s perfect”: When Kevin Hart Reacted to Will Smith’s Rumored Netflix Documentary

Kevin Hart has been making a lot of headlines lately owing to his latest release on Netflix, Me Time. The comedy-drama didn’t live up to the expectations of the fans, as it opened to negative reviews from both the fans and critics. However, his movie with Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall is not the only thing putting him in the spotlight. Instead, it is his interesting take on Will Smith and Chris Rock’s slap gate controversy.

Smith shook the entire entertainment industry in March during Oscars 2022 when he slapped the presenter Chris Rock for making a joke at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s expense. While many celebrities have hesitated in putting forth their opinion on the controversial matter, Kevin Hart is someone who has been candid about it right from the beginning. Let us see what the comedian has to say about Will Smith this time around.

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Hart elaborates his opinion on Will Smith

While nothing is confirmed, the rumors suggest that Netflix is coming up with a Will Smith documentary. Both the actor and the streaming giant have their lips sealed over the project. When Kevin faced a question about the documentary, he hailed Smith for trying to be better by owning up to his mistake

“Will will be fine. Nobody’s perfect, and owning up to a mistake is as big as anyone can be, and his role in working on himself is something that will never end for him, for me, for anybody else,” the Me Time actor was quoted as saying by Extra.

The American comedian also exhibited his love for Will without any inhibitions. Hart reckoned that Will continues having all his support and love following the trials and tribulations. The actor also hoped for a reconciliation between Chris Rock and Smith sometime in the future. 

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Hart believes that mistakes happen, and the two should mend all the problems they have with each other. Previously, Kevin had flaunted his sense of humor by gifting a goat to Rock with the name Will Smith. 

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