“Fu*k your hostage video”: Chris Rock Exclaims in Front of Live Audience About the Will Smith Apology Video

“Fu*k your hostage video”: Chris Rock Exclaims in Front of Live Audience About the Will Smith Apology Video

Oscar 2022 may have been entertaining, fun, and amazing. But the Oscar for the most shocking scene during the event went to Will Smith. Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock makes echoes to this day. The incident stunned many people, including celebrities who were visibly stunned. And after a lot of criticism and months later, Will Smith posted an apology video. We now have a response from Chris after seeing the video.

No one knew what the Oscars would lead to when Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife. Will was seen chuckling until he decided to randomly approach Chris on the stage and slap him. The whole world witnessed the incident. Everyone condemned the A-lister’s actions for being violent. Many people are wondering if the apology was even genuine, including Rock.

Chris gives a hard rock response to an apology video by Will Smith

In a performance set at London’s O2 Area, the Chris Rock: Tamborine star went hard on Will Smith’s apology video. “F**k your hostage video,” he exclaimed. Chris talked about the impact that the sudden slap caused, saying it was hurtful. He (Will Smith) played Ali. I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather, he added while addressing the crowd.

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Chris received massive support post the whole incident for maintaining his professionalism. Even fellow comedian David Chappelle spoke out against the incident and hoped that Smith pretended to be a perfect man for 30 years and that he hopefully won’t put back on his mask of perfection now.

In the apology video, Will Smith began by saying,Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable, and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk”. He also addressed seeing an interview with Chris’s mother, which made him realize the number of people that he hurt with his actions.

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This whole incident was an aftermath of the Oscars when Chris Rock joked about Jada Smith’s bald head which was a result of Alopecia. He pointed out that she looked like a character from G.I. Jane character. Neither Will nor Jada took it a while, but the harsh reaction sure cost the I am Legend actor big time, attracting a lot of criticism. Now looking at Chris’s reaction to the video, this tiff seems to be far from over.

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