“You borrowed money from your mother recently”: Sam Morril Hilariously Calls Out Audience on the Dave Chappelle Controversy, Says ‘’He makes $24 Million a special’’

“You borrowed money from your mother recently”: Sam Morril Hilariously Calls Out Audience on the Dave Chappelle Controversy, Says ‘’He makes $24 Million a special’’

Sam Morril is a well-known name in the comedy industry. The man has come a long way from when he got rejected on America’s Got Talent, where he performed a stand-up routine. In 2011, he was chosen among Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch. Morril is currently on his personal YouTube channel having almost half a million subscribers.  His second special on the Comedy Central YouTube channel is one of the most popular standups. When Morril said “I Got This,” he wasn’t joking because, with 11 million views, he definitely got this.

He was also interviewed by THE David Letterman on That’s My Time With David Letterman. On the 1st of September, Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow was released on Netflix. With his raspy voice and nonchalant attitude, Morril had jokes about the holocaust, 9/11, depression, pornography, murders, and basically anything and everything that could get him ‘cancelled’. Speaking of which, Sam also took a dig at the cancel culture and the controversy surrounding Dave Chappelle.

Morril tells you to focus on yourself and not on Dave Chappelle

People, who have talked about cancel culture and how stupid it is, are not a handful. With his Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow, the comedian has also joined the tribe. After expressing his thoughts on social media and how the algorithm is basically designed to make you waste your time, Sam Morril talked about cancel culture.

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Recently Dave Chappelle, yes the man who got a Chris Rock-style smacking, was in a lot of controversies due to his special. He made jokes about transgender people which well got him “canceled.” However, Morril wholeheartedly disagrees with this narrative.

He makes $24 Million a special,” Sam Morril states matter-of-factly while talking about Dave Chappelle. Then Morril proceeds to roast the audience by saying “You borrowed money from your mother recently“. In his very special way, Sam Morril told his fans to focus on themselves.

Sam Morril and his dark and dry jokes

In his trademark style, Sam Morril started his Netflix special titled Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow with a Chicago shooting joke. In his previous special too he joked about how every mass shooter was a quiet man. Therefore, the criteria for selling guns should be set to “must be chatty.

From “who cares about women winning?” to calling his own show a “9/11 abortion” Morril has a way of bringing laughter to the darkest of topics. Additionally, the stand-up comic did not hold back from how poisonous he thinks social media is, calling TikTok a crack.

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