Will Smith SLAPGATE Fallout Continues: Netflix Not the Only Streamer to Shelve His Project, ‘Bad Boys’ 4 Paused by Sony

Will Smith SLAPGATE Fallout Continues: Netflix Not the Only Streamer to Shelve His Project, ‘Bad Boys’ 4 Paused by Sony

We all know that “no publicity is bad publicity,” right? However, the phrase seems not beholding true for Will Smith. After his incident at the 94th Academy Awards, Will has been under intense scrutiny by fans all around the world. But it looks like the controversy is going to affect his professional life as well.

 No Bad Boys 4 for Will Smith

Will Smith’s film schedule is shrinking as more companies reassess their plans to work with the actor. Last week, Smith made news when he interrupted the Oscars to smack presenter Chris Rock and hurl obscenities at him on live television.

The Hollywood Reporter has since reported that numerous projects involving Smith are on hold, including the unnamed Bad Boys for Life sequel, Bad Boys 4. This will be the second film that Will has lost. Earlier it was announced that the Netflix Original film Fast and Loose, which was meant to star Will has been shelved indefinitely.

According to THR, Bad Boys 4 has been in “active development” for some time. But it has been put on hold due to the actor’s latest controversies. The script was supposedly in the works.

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Smith was even given the first 40 pages to read ahead of the 94th Academy Awards. Other projects with Smith, according to the source, are likely to be suspended or reassessed.

What about his other projects?

Smith is working on many more projects in pre-production, some of which have yet to be confirmed, as well as one significant project in post-production: Emancipation, an Apple TV+ original series, set to premiere in 2022.

Although the streaming service has yet to announce a specific date. It’s unclear if those ideas are being revised now that Smith is starring in the film.

Now that Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, his place in the entertainment business is in jeopardy.

What do you think about Will Smith‘s position in the Hollywood industry right now? Is it justified for him to be losing projects to recompense for what he did? Or the incident should not have anything to do with his career?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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