‘Fast and Loose’ Movie Featuring Will Smith On Netflix Shelved After The Slap Controversy, Smith Writes a Heartfelt Note

‘Fast and Loose’ Movie Featuring Will Smith On Netflix Shelved After The Slap Controversy, Smith Writes a Heartfelt Note

If anything, the 94th Academic Awards will eternally be in our memory for the Will Smith slap controversy. The entire world had to pause and process the incident for a moment. Now that the occurrence is slowly settling down, Smith will still have to pay for his actions. Sure, as some fans denote, it was wrong of Chris Rock to make a practical joke about Smith’s wife. But Smith could have also answered it in any other way. Because this resulted in the immediate pause of Fast and Loose, an upcoming movie on Netflix featuring Will Smith.

Fast and Loose on Netflix starring Will Smith put on hold

Ahead of the Oscars, Smith had many upcoming movies in production. However, they are now put on hold because of the controversy. This includes an upcoming movie starring Will Smith on Netflix, Fast and Loose, per The Hollywood Reporter. Notably, director David Leitch just withdrew from the project, causing even more turbulence. It appears that the filmmaker is concentrating his efforts on Universal Pictures’ forthcoming Ryan Gosling thriller, Fall Guy. There was a full-court effort by Netflix to find a new director to replace Leitch, but they’ve now decided to wait until things have calmed down prior to actually putting Smith back out there.

And although he has got Emancipation coming out on Apple+ anytime soon. The thriller is now in its production and will hit the screens in 2022. But his other works, such as those with Sony (Bad Boys) and Disney plus, are paused for the moment. Hence, not only Netflix, but platforms such as Disney plus also want things to go back to normal. Further, Smith himself is regretful of his deeds. While resigning from the Academy of the Motion Pictures, Smith wrote a heartfelt note.

Will Smith wrote a heartfelt resignation note

Will Smith has officially resigned from the Academy of Motion Pictures. This week he wrote a note expressing his feelings, saying he is heartbroken and wants everyone to bring those who deserve attention to the limelight. “My actions at the 94th Academy Awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable,” Smith wrote. Further saying, “I betrayed the trust of the academy.” Apparently, he wants the Academy to get back to its routine and continue supporting and encouraging the artistry in films.

According to the president of the Academy, they have respectfully accepted Will Smith’s resignation. However, they will continue their hearing against Smith’s action and violation of the Academy’s Standards of Conduct in their next board meeting scheduled on April 18.

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