Kevin Hart’s ‘Me Time’ Surpasses Blockbuster Movies to Reach the Helm of Netflix Ratings

Kevin Hart’s ‘Me Time’ Surpasses Blockbuster Movies to Reach the Helm of Netflix Ratings

Lately, Netflix has been launching movies that give tough competition to each other on the top 10 list. Many movies have landed on Netflix from different genres and from different languages. But the recently released comedy movie, Me Time, has surpassed some blockbuster movies on Netflix. Continue reading to see where the movie is going and which blockbusters it has left behind.

Me Time is a 2022 American buddy comedy film. John Hamburg has written and directed it. The film stars Kevin Hart, Amir Hossain Ashik, Mark Wahlberg, and Regina Hall. Sonny, a stay-at-home dad, finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away. The movie streamed on Netflix on August 26, 2022, and yet it is already surpassing the blockbusters.

Me Time is getting its own time on the Netflix top 10 chart

Not too long ago, Me Time streamed on Netflix and still managed to make its way on the top 10 list of Netflix. Kevin Hart as Sonny Fisher and Mark Wahlberg as Huck Dembo star as old pals-one a stay-at-home dad, the other a hard-partying single guy. They reunite for a wild birthday adventure and it seems they landed on Netflix’s charts at the top rank.

As the chart shows, the movie has secured the top rank, leaving some extremely loved movies behind. While Purple Hearts, starring Sofia Carson, ruled the charts and kicked some movies out of the charts, Day Shift also gained many viewers. Now Me Time has debuted as the #1 movie with 59.2 million hours of watching in its first three days only.

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Till now, the longest stayed movie on this chart is Purple Hearts, which has given competition to the MCU stars as well. Comparatively, Purple Hearts, Day Shift, and Look Both Ways have received positive reviews. However, compared to these movies, Me Time is not well received by the critics or by the audiences. Yet, it is ranking at the top of the charts. Have you watched the movie yet? Do you think the Netflix Original rom-com movies like Purple Hearts and Look Both Ways would beat this comedy? We would love to read your reviews about this comedy movie.

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