This One Love Lesson We Must Learn From ‘Look Both Ways’ on Netflix

This One Love Lesson We Must Learn From ‘Look Both Ways’ on Netflix

Any love story, even the cheesiest ones, tells us the story of a beautiful romance between two people. In a broader sense, love can never be ugly because it makes us who we are. Therefore, whenever we watch any love story, we connect with them most of the time. And every love story has some encouraging message which also makes us courageous. Look Both Ways is one such story that is more than just a love story. It teaches us a beautiful lesson that we all need to learn.

Have you looked this way in Look Both Ways?

What if before going to college, living your dream, achieving your goals, and living a normal teenage life, everything is shattered? What if you don’t get to do what you’ve always wanted to do? Also, what if you don’t get to be with someone whom you really love? What if you are afraid of doing these things because it might go wrong? There are so many negative what-ifs in our lives that we forget to stop and think about the positive what-ifs. We often can’t see the optimistic side of that what-if. And this beautiful Netflix Original romantic movie, Look Both Ways, is based on ‘what if.’ And it gives us this optimistic message.

“I don’t want to worry about if it doesn’t work out, because what if it does?” this dialogue by Natalie to Gabe gives us the crux of one theme of this movie. After going through so many trials of life together finally, Natalie comes to realize this truth and wants to give their relationship a chance. Jake does the same in Natalie’s alternate reality. He also gives their relationship another chance and comes back to her.

In life, whenever we want to do something that’s out of our comfort zone, we naturally become a little pessimistic instead of thinking about the possibility of actually being able to do it. It doesn’t matter if it is about a relationship or any other life-changing events. Initially, we think about all the reasons it won’t work out. And Look Both Ways teaches us to think about all the reasons it will work out.

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If you already haven’t, we recommend you to watch this magnificent movie to see how Natalie lives in two-different realities and how her life takes shape based on her decisions and choices. It is already streaming on Netflix. Share your learnings with us.

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