Ryan Reynolds Might Be Dethroned From the Netflix Charts, as THIS Movie Takes a Leap Into the Top Ranks

Ryan Reynolds Might Be Dethroned From the Netflix Charts, as THIS Movie Takes a Leap Into the Top Ranks

A small feature film can do so many wonders. We are recently starting to believe it once again as this rom-com is streaming on Netflix. This romantic drama has been ranking charts unexpectedly and still continues to do so. However, Ryan Reynolds starred in a movie called 6 Underground and is also in competition along with others. The numbers given below would surprise you.

Ryan Reynolds starrer might get dethroned

Since the day it started streaming, Purple Hearts has taken over the hearts of romantics along with others. The movie is making wonders that are unbelievable. In the first week of its premiere, the movie streamed for 48 million hours, with 102 million hours of streaming in the following week. Till now, Purple Hearts has accrued over 196 million watch hours on Netflix. This is a HUGE achievement for a small feature movie.

On the other hand, 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds is at #10 on the charts. The movie has been watched for over 205 million hours within the first month of streaming. The Kissing Boot 2, with 209 million watch hours is also in the competition. While the competition seems tough here, it also seems that Purple Hearts is winning hearts rapidly.

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If Purple Hearts continues to gather more viewership, according to the viewership trends, it will be ranked high once again. Therefore, if the fil will stay at the #1 position, there are sure possibilities of 6 Underground getting dethroned by the romance film. The romantic drama successfully dethroned The Russo Brothers’ most expensive project, The Gray Man as well.

6 Underground v/s Purple Hearts Ratings

Competing against each other, the romantic drama and action-thriller were released at different times. Purple Hearts, released in 2022, got a 6.8/10 from IMDb while 6 Underground (2019)  6.1/10. The rating they both got from Rotten Tomatoes also doesn’t have much difference. Purple Hearts got 33% of the approval rating, while 6 Underground got 36% approval.

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However, there are few differences in the ranking score, but they belong to different genres. Being the best individual, the numbers from viewership differ, which is a threat to Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground. Have you seen the action thriller? What are your thoughts about both the movies’ places on the chart?

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